Have a Glimpse of Future by Connecting with Expo 2020 in Dubai

November 04, 2021

Expo 2020

Exhibitions often play an important role in acknowledging the crowd with different visions and plans. The public is well in the know about one of the considerable events going on in Dubai this year. People from all over the globe are eagerly willing to visit the Dubai Expo 2020 which has been arranged after a long period of time. Here too, you can enjoy the whole festival in accordance with the services of Captain Dunes. As is known that the delay of this exhibition was by the virtue of the spread of the virus. We serve you noting all the necessary health details and strictly following all the SOP’s. Our promise is to give you comfort during your entire journey to Dubai.

Day/Night Half Day Dubai Sightseeing Tour with Fountain Show
Experienced Tour Guide

Day Night Dubai Sightseeing Tour


Captain Dunes is present to assist you no matter whether you want to go through the whole Country or want to chill in the ongoing exhibition. Deciding to take a start of your journey with Captain Dunes will whisk you away happily anywhere you want.

How We can Prove to be Beneficial with Your Tour

There are many notable points which make us stand out from others as a traveling agency. Captain Dunes has put forward the uncountable necessary services every traveler will want to know. Along with managing the trip details we also provide tourist visa booking so that you do not have to hassle for this purpose. The hospitality and full fledged services offered by our agency is remarkable. We manage every trip according to the nature of it. Either you are a businessman and coming to Dubai as a business trip or a group of friends or any family trip. Captain Dunes is first in assistance anytime you want. We are all about giving your tour an addition of some beautiful memories.

Expo 2021

The sign of Dubai Expo 2020 is seen at the entrance of the site in Dubai, United Arab Emirates January 16, 2021. REUTERS/Rula Rouhana

List of Our Assistance with the Dubai Expo 2020

Our firm’s pride is always being available 24/7 for our clients. Making the start to end of your journey a fruitful and extraordinary one is of great importance to us. Uncountable services from Captain Dunes are another cause of our pride. It is the time of Dubai Expo 2020 and the exhibition is all about living life to the fullest from adopting some knowledge to having fun all around. Assisting you with every service you want is our main task. Listed are the facilities we provide you with.

Comfort and Luxury Rides

Entertaining you with luxurious assistance once you have attached your plans with us is our aim. Now after booking an agency for the sake of a refreshing tour, you must be expecting end-to-end hospitality. Captain Dunes facilitates you with this too and with the surety of more than what you have expected. We provide our luxury rides all through your journey no matter if it is a distance of minimum of 10 minutes, we will drive you luxuriously to your stop. Below are the range of vehicles we provided

  1. Large Deluxe Coach
  2. Limousines
  3. Minibuss
  4. Jeeps

On-time Arrival and Departure

When serving as a travel expert, many things should be noted including the management of time. We are well known for the value of time and so do we act upon it. We totally take into notice that you are here to enjoy the Expo 2021 in Dubai along with other refreshments of traveling. Just give Captain Dunes a ring and we will be on your call in the minimum time possible. We are pretty sure that our excellent services will not leave you with any doubts.

Conveniently Available

Our availability is one of the most important things which make us apart from other agencies. Easy to start and process is our simple procedure. Booking your traveling plans in accompany with us is a point which assures your start to a happy journey. We will be available anytime whether it is prior to the journey or throughout the journey.

Tour to Luxury Sights

Tours to sightseeing and luxury places with Captain Dunes is one of our prime services. Listed are the sights you will be entertained while traveling with Captain Dunes.

  • Tour sightseeing all over the UAE and Dubai
  • Desert Mountain Safari (full / half day)
  • Helicopter Seaplane Flight Tours
  • Golf Bookings
  • Yacht Boat Cruises in both Dubai Marina and Dubai Marina

Why Trust Captain Dunes as your Trip Partner

Choosing Captain Dunes from among different traveling agencies for your travel guide is a point of pride for our agency. Your time, money, opinions and interests are all what we value a lot. Noting these values we are presenting you our fascinating services. You can comfortably enjoy the Expo 2021 in Dubai with us along with the exciting night and day view of beautiful sights. Talking about where would you stay when you reach, in advance with other handful facilities Captain Dunes is also presenting you with the hotel bookings all over Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and other emirates in the UAE.

We are proud to disclose that all sorts of tours whether luxury or private have been arranged by Captain Dunes. Acting as an expert in travel guidance we fully understand our responsibilities towards our clients. From our team of guides to our chauffeurs, we have a well trained staff. Pick up your phones and contact Captain Dunes now to start a beautiful journey.

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