Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai

When you travel to Dubai and take a desert safari, you are not only taking part in an adventurous journey, you are entering a vast, preserved area of sand that is home to the Emirates’ rich culture, heritage, and traditions. This stunning landscape is where Bedouin communities have lived for centuries with their flocks of goats, camels, and horses.

Types of Desert Safaris

Morning Desert Safari

You can bet that even in the middle of a desert, there are some pretty beautiful sunrises. And when you take an early morning ride across the dunes, you can appreciate these sunrises in a brand new way. Whether you experience travel by camelback or bike, take in the panoramic vistas as you feel the air wake up and smell the fresh morning breeze.

Evening Desert Safari

Evening magic: the same things as in the morning, plus local henna, falconry shows, and smoking a sheesha (hookah), and traditional Emirati cultural shows (like Arabian belly dancers and tanoura dance performances). Oh! And the sunset washes everything in pink. Amplify:  Include powerful pictures that match the emotion of the copy to engage your readers.

Overnight Desert Safari

You can still marvel at the beauty and majesty of Dubai’s desert landscape after sunset. Visit the iconic Emirates Palace, where you can sip cocktails and indulge in decadent dishes as the sun sets over the city skyline. Then, walk along a tranquil path around the hotel grounds to Dhow Bab Al Bahar (Dhubaib) Floating Restaurant, where you can be sure to spot some of Dubai’s most fascinating wildlife.

Dinner in the Desert

Instead of old-school, wild desert adventures like camel riding or jeep safari through sand dunes, Dubai’s desert safaris now also include a unique barbecue experience, where you watch the sun go down over a belly-full of roast lamb and grilled steak. Experience traditional Bedouin barbecues under the stars and learn how to whip up your own magic on the campfire.

Red Dune Safari

Dubai is an incredibly vibrant and colorful place. In this city of over two million people, you can find just about any kind of landscape—from a beach, to mountain, to desert. Many travelers are excited to see the light sand dunes of the desert in Dubai’s Lahbab region. This “burnt” or rust-colored desert is a stark contrast to the greenery and pastel colors of Dubai City.

What you will do in Desert?

When it comes to a desert safari, travelers are guaranteed a fantastic mix of adventures, cultural experiences, and culinary cuisines. Based on the type of safari chosen, travelers have no doubt that they will have mind-blowing experiences. If you are interested in going on a desert safari, here is your guide to choosing a suitable tour, understanding each experience’s differences, and what to expect from them.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is the holy grail of a desert safari, particularly for those with a need for speed. Drivers will take passengers out into sand deserts and drive right across, around, and sometimes even over the sand dunes. The experience is exhilarating and usually lasts about an hour.

Camel Rides

For a downtown break from the parks and gardens, stroll through the vibrant, historic market on Shorooq Street. You’ll find local crafts and antiques alongside lively street vendors selling everything from traditional Middle Eastern dates to knock-off designer handbags. At its heart is an old covered souk that offers an intimate glimpse into Dubai’s past.

Quad biking and Sandboarding

Dubai’s dunes are a source of endless fascination. For great views and adrenaline-filled fun, quad biking is a great way to explore the desert. You can choose from various routes with varying degrees of difficulty. This activity is suitable for ages 16 and up. Participants must not suffer from heart or lung problems, epilepsy, back pain, high blood pressure, joint pain or inflammation in general.

Visit a Bedouin camp

You can enjoy the warm hospitality of Dubai’s local community in its historic village, located by the ancient spice route. Its unique outdoor seating and lounging areas allow passersby to relax and feel welcome as they experience the food, atmosphere and sounds of the place. Seating is ample, with low-lying options for relaxing, along with room to stand or sit at the many bars if you prefer a more upbeat experience.

Cultural experiences

On a desert safari, you can take part in a wealth of cultural experiences offered at the camp. During your stay, you’ll have the opportunity to get henna tattoos and experience falconry, shisha smoking (hookah), and photographs in traditional Arabian attire. Imagine your own list of ideas, products and services to translate into existing or new markets.

Traditional barbecue dinner

Although many desert safaris include meals, all-inclusive lodge and guest house packages may offer the best value for money. In this case, check what’s included in your package before you decide where to stay. Bedouins cook hearty meals with rice, goat meat, salads, hummus and more local specialties. Their selection is plentiful and they will also provide boiled eggs to take on your ride as a snack.

Local entertainment

As the sun sets, your guide will stop by a traditional nomadic Berber tent to join the family for a glass of mint tea and a delicious bowl of Moroccan couscous. The Berber families are very hospitable and friendly. They are always pleased to share their culture with us as we watch them prepare the meals and dishes that they have been preparing for hundreds of years.

Camping in the desert

Whether it is taking a night or two outdoors camping in the desert, climbing a mountain, or driving from point A to B at sunset, all of these moments will be treasured forever. For those who are traveling around the UAE for longer periods with more time, there are also excellent opportunities to immerse in the local communities and seek out local experiences.

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