Only the difference is in where they are located. Marina is the new Dubai, while creek is the Old Dubai. Marina has better views than Creek. We offer food from JW Marriott Marina and Radisson Creek.

Gratuity is not included with the tour price. Tipping is not appropriate. Tipping is up to you. It is out of generosity. We usually tip 10%-20% of the tour cost. There is no compulsion.

The UAE, an Islamic country, is conservative in its dress code. While shorts are allowed, transparent or revealing clothing is not permitted in public.

Yes, we are flexible with our itinerary. You have exclusive access to our vehicle and guides. You can modify or customize the itinerary and pick up times, places to visit, and how long you spend at each destination. It is possible to coordinate with your guide for this purpose on the day of the tour. He / she will be glad to assist you.

The Below nationalities can get visas on arrival:

Andorra France Lithuania Singapore
Australia Denmark Luxembourg Slovakia
Austria Germany Malaysia Slovenia
Belgium Greece Malta Spain
Brune Holland (Netherlands) Monaco South Korea
Bulgaria Hong Kong Netherlands (Holland) Sweden
Canada Hungary New Zealand Switzerland
Croatia Iceland Norway United Kingdom
Czech Republic Ireland Poland United States  
Cyprus Italy Liechtenstein Vatican City
Denmark Japan Portugal
Estonia Latvia Romania
Finland Liechtenstein San Marino

You can request him during online booking. We might need to make last-minute bookings, so some changes may be required. If we have to make changes, please don't be discouraged. Our guides are all professional and enthusiastic. You will enjoy your time with the other guides.