Cloud 22 Atlantis

Cloud 22 Atlantis

Cloud 22 Atlantis

Cloud 22 Atlantis Dubai, a 600-meter-tall architectural masterpiece, is set to open in 2020 and is one of the world's highest structures. The shape of the tower, which looks like a cloud, gives it the appearance of being weightless. Large apartments inside provide plenty of natural light and breathtaking city views. Penthouses feature outdoor areas, and the hotel offers restaurants with global cuisine. The tower is dedicated to sustainability, featuring solar panels, rainwater collection systems, and energy-efficient lighting. The tower's rich green areas, including terraced orchards and rooftop gardens, help improve air quality and biodiversity while also promoting long-term viability among residents. Captain Dunes, a reputable tour operator, offers private tours to Cloud 22 Atlantis Dubai, providing access to the tower's most spectacular places and information about its eco-friendly projects. The journey to Cloud 22 at Atlantis Dubai will be unforgettable, due to Captain Dunes' expertly produced excursions.


Dubai, the “city of dreams,” is breaking new ground with its groundbreaking structures. Cloud 22 Atlantis Dubai is the latest architectural masterpiece to emerge in Dubai, a city known for its towering buildings and man-made islands. A stunning new addition to Dubai’s skyline, this building provides an unprecedented fusion of high-end amenities, cutting-edge technology, and outlandish entertainment. Cloud 22 Atlantis Dubai, in the center of Dubai’s ever-changing skyline, is a monument to human ingenuity and architectural mastery. Cloud 22 is unlike any other hotel because of its magnificent architecture, exquisite rooms, and dedication to environmental preservation. Visitors to Dubai may have an unforgettable experience at Cloud 22 Atlantis with the help of Captain Dunes, a reputable tour operator.

Atlantis Dubai’s Cloud 22: A Dream Come True

Cloud 22 Atlantis Dubai, or simply “Cloud 22,” was designed and built by a talented team of architects, engineers, and designers. Initiated in 2020, this one-of-a-kind endeavor aims to build a breathtaking luxury resort above the metropolis. The idea was to show tourists all the splendor and natural wonder that Dubai has to offer in one unforgettable trip.

The Technical Wonder

Cloud 22 Atlantis Dubai’s cutting-edge architecture and engineering set it unique from other buildings. The tower’s height of 600 meters (1,968 ft) makes it one of the world’s highest buildings. Innovative architectural methods gave it a form like a cloud, giving the impression that it was floating in the air. The sheer ethereality of Cloud 22 stuns onlookers, giving the impression that it is floating in space.

Splendid Lodgings

The suites at Cloud 22 Atlantis Dubai are works of art in terms of lavishness and convenience. Suites include luxurious decor with high-end furniture and artwork. The rooms are flooded with natural light throughout the day and city lights at night thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. There are several various types of suites available to guests, each with its special decor and concept. The penthouses, in particular, wow with their vast proportions and exclusive outdoor areas

Delicious Treats

Cloud 22 in Atlantis, Dubai, is a veritable heaven for foodies. It has a wide variety of high-quality dining options and nightlife venues to suit every taste. The restaurant serves a variety of mouthwatering foods, including traditional Arabic fare, worldwide favorites, and creative fusion creations. Every restaurant not only serves delectable meals but also provides stunning panoramas of the city.

Superior Relaxation

Atlantis Dubai is more than simply a place to sleep; it’s a paradisiacal playground in the clouds. A tranquil refuge from the busy city below, the infinity pool is encircled by beautifully planted grounds. Guests may swim in what seems like the clouds while being on the ground, making for a spectacular and otherworldly experience. The spa and wellness facility is the pinnacle of self-care.

A Shopping Trip in the Clouds

Cloud 22 Atlantis Dubai makes shopping an adventure. Luxury boutiques and stores selling well-known worldwide labels may be found inside the tower’s walls. The premium shopping experiences offered here are match only by the impeccable service our guests get. Cloud 22’s shops provide an unrivaled shopping experience, whether an individual is looking for the season’s hottest clothes, the finest jewels, or the most memorable keepsakes.

The Sustainable Paradise

Cloud 22 Atlantis Dubai has a strong dedication to sustainability and environmental protection. Massive solar arrays soak up the plentiful Dubai sunlight, rainwater collection systems irrigate the building’s verdant landscaping, and energy-efficient lighting reduces the building’s reliance on the grid. The tower is a model of eco-friendly design in the area because of its cutting-edge cooling technologies, which drastically cut down on energy consumption.

Green Areas in the Clouds

The large amount of green space at Cloud 22 Atlantis Dubai is one of the building’s most striking characteristics. The combination of terraced orchards, rooftop parks, and vertical gardens creates a verdant haven in the sky. The tower’s aesthetics benefit from these green spaces, while the city benefits from increased air quality and biodiversity as a result.

Guests may relax and take in the sights and sounds of nature while walking slowly through these green meadows located hundreds of meters above the earth.

Participatory Governance

Cloud 22 Atlantis Dubai hosts several sustainability-focused activities and programs for the local community. The tower is a symbol of hope for more sustainable lifestyles. It works with community groups to aid in environmental protection, thus its influence is seen well beyond the confines of its massive walls. Visit the official website for more details.

Trustworthy and Elegant Tour Operator

Guests who choose Captain Dunes as their tour guide will have a fantastic day at Cloud 22 Atlantis Dubai. Captain Dunes is well-known for his well-crafted excursions that provide a private, in-depth look at Cloud 22. Guides who have studied the tower’s history and design provide each visitor with an intimate understanding of the tower’s significance. Captain Dunes provides a one-of-a-kind service by giving guests exclusive access to the tower’s most sumptuous rooms and providing insights into the building’s eco-friendly activities.

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