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A spectacular attraction in the United Arab Emirates is the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Through a variety of activities, it enables its guests to get close to and interact with thousands of beautiful aquatic species. Your level of adventure and spirit will determine the experiences you have. Contact Captain Dunes to set up a trip if you want to discover more about the world's most enigmatic marine species. This is a terrific place for families to spend the weekend in the city and is conveniently placed for residents of flats in downtown Dubai. It is popular among both children and adults. Here are a few of the top water activities that the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo offer to their tourists. The residents of Downtown Dubai may visit one of the most well-liked locations there as well.

Activities For Tourists At The Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo

Shark Feeding Encounter

Sharks terrify the majority of humans. This underwater predator has long been regarded by all of us as one of the most dreadful creatures on the planet. Yet, shattering this misconception has been made possible by the underwater environment of the Dubai Aquarium. The Aquarium and Underwater Zoo now offers a brand-new shark feeding experience. For the first time, it takes you closer to these intriguing carnivores.

This attraction, which is housed at The Dubai Mall, allows visitors to observe divers lure sharks with buckets of fish during an exclusive shark feeding event. Divers with little expertise are also allowed in the area where sharks are fed. During this exciting 30-minute underwater experience, guests are given a tour of the facilities used behind the scenes. You may see juvenile sharks being fed while learning about the aquarium’s shark breeding program.

Shark Dives

Are you an adventure seeker searching for amazing, heart-pounding experiences? You only need to plunge into the 10-million-liter aquarium tank at the Dubai Aquarium. It is one of the Aquarium & Underwater Zoo’s most well-liked attractions. It allows you to get up close and interact with the greatest collection of Sand Tiger sharks in the whole world. The best part is that you can take part in this shark dive even if you aren’t a trained diver. In the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, anyone from Dubai and around the world may dive in without a diving license.

Cage Snorkelling

Here is another risk-free alternative you might choose if you believe shark diving is a bit dangerous. On a cage snorkeling trip, you may experience up-close interactions with a large number of aquatic species simultaneously. It is offered by the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. You only need to put on snorkeling gear, climb into a cage, and plunge into an aquarium. The aquarium is full of various aquatic animals, including sharks and rays. This is for tourists who want safe excitement.

Scuba Diving

This is the ideal location to complete a professional 2-day PADI certification course and realize your goal of scuba diving. A fantastic opportunity to realize your ambition of becoming a professional diver is the scuba diving training program for beginners. This training is run by experienced divers. Contact Captain Dunes to arrange a tour if you wish to realize your dream.

Shark Walker

You need not worry if you are apprehensive about having your hair wet but yet want to explore the underwater world of the Dubai Aquarium. By enrolling in the Shark Walker experience, you may have up-close interactions with sharks, rays, and many other aquatic animals. You must put on a white, specially constructed helmet in order to experience this. It basically aids in maintaining comfortable underwater breathing while also keeping your hair dry. Prepare yourself to experience this aquatic paradise for 25 exhilarating minutes. A unique underwater experience awaits you as you observe hundreds of fish up close.

The Underwater Zoo’s Attractions

In the underwater zoo, you may see penguins, piranhas, crabs, water rats, sea horses, jellyfish, and many more creatures. It can be found inside The Dubai Mall’s Underwater Zoo on floor two, directly above the aquarium tank.

Vrzoo Experience

You may immerse yourself in the thrilling world of some of the most spectacular creatures in addition to the other activities. That is accomplished through the exceptional VRZOO experience. From right here in Dubai, you may take advantage of everything, including a unique ocean experience and sightings of gorillas in Uganda. It also includes encounters with sharks and whales on the stunning island of the Maldives. One of the brand-new attractions you really must check out at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is this immersive experience.

Wrapping up

One of the biggest indoor aquariums in the world is the Dubai Aquarium. The variety of aquatic life on display there is among the most diversified. Contact Captain Dunes to schedule a trip if you wish to interact with these aquatic creatures.


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