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Ice Rink Dubai Mall

If you need a break from the scorching heat of the desert, go to the Ice Rink at Dubai Mall. The best way to connect with loved ones is to go ice skating for 90 minutes. Dubai's snowfall offers a romantic setting for couples to enjoy vintage arcade games and snacks. Public training sessions and freestyle skating are available for visitors. Meanwhile, DJ Night Disco turns the ice rink into a lively dance floor to showcase the talents of professional skaters. Purchase tickets in advance for the Dubai Mall ice rink and other attractions. Combo tickets offer a pass to multiple attractions. Arrive in the afternoons, pack belongings in lockers, and dress comfortably. Captain Dunes, which has received approval from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, provides excellent travel services in Dubai for stress-free vacation planning and booking. Their reputation for professionalism and knowledge ensures unforgettable experiences.

Why Go to the Ice Rink Dubai Mall?

The Ice Rink Dubai Mall is the perfect spot to go when you need a respite from the heat that Dubai offers 24 hours a day (well, almost). The Dubai Ice Rink is an Olympic-sized skating rink that is situated on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall and rises to the second story. The Dubai Ice Rink is the ideal location to unwind and pick up some ice-skating tips in between shopping, dining, and admiring the grandeur of the Dubai Mall Fountain and/or the Burj Khalifa.

Everything About Ice Skating At Ice Rink Dubai Mall

Best activities in the Dubai Ice Rink

  1. The public training sessions that are held are a good opportunity for you to either develop your skills or relax and have fun watching if you’re an amateur wishing to learn ice skating or a member of the general public who just wants to sit and observe.
  2. Freestyle skating is at the top of the list of things to do at the Ice Rink Dubai Mall for professional ice skaters who wish to display their figure skating abilities.
  3. The Dubai Snowfall serves as the ideal backdrop for a romantic evening with your lover or date, adding authenticity to your ice-skating experience.
  4. For the two hours of the DJ Night Disco, the Ice Rink Dubai Mall is completely transformed. It transforms into a vivacious dance floor with a resident DJ to keep you thoroughly entertained.

Ice Rink Dubai Mall tickets

The Dubai Ice Rink is a favorite among both tourists and residents since it is the ideal place to escape the heat. Long waiting lines are therefore expected. You can save money and time by purchasing one of the tickets listed below for the Dubai Ice Rink.

Ticket packages

There are many attractions near the Dubai Ice Rink that you may visit, so if you want to see more than that, get the combo tickets! For a few more dirhams, you may combine your Ice Rink tickets with coffee from At the Top in the Burj Khalifa, IMG World, OR the Dubai Frame!

Ideal Hours to Visit the Dubai Ice Rink

There is no ideal time to visit the Ice Rink Dubai Mall because the summers are typically hot, but peak afternoons will be a nice time to unwind and enjoy the chill. It’s also the ideal moment to avoid the throng. The optimum time to practice your figure skating is in the afternoon since the majority of visitors are likely to arrive in the latter half of the day.

Visitor advise for the Dubai Ice Rink

Always buy your tickets in advance. Although there are offline options, it is preferable to purchase your tickets in advance to prevent lines and the disappointment of being unable to attend at the last minute.  Ice skating instruction comes in a wide range of alternatives. Choose the option that best meets your needs and preferences. Depending on how confident you are about your skills, you could pick an amateur/a pro instructor. There are group or individual lessons, as well as a disco skating session.

Dress comfortably, but make sure it suits you well. Avoid wearing long coats and baggy or loose-fitting jeans, particularly if your skating practice includes an IceByke. Make sure you match your attire with sturdy footwear, gloves, thick socks, etc. You may either bring your own or rent or buy some at the Ice Rink Dubai Mall. While you’re on the ice rink, keep any phones, devices, and sharp things at home.  There are lockers available for the storage of your valuables and personal goods.

Wrapping up

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