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Miracle Garden Dubai

The Dubai Miracle Garden, a 72,000-square-meter floral wonderland with more than 150 million flowering plants, reopens every winter. A first aid center, a prayer room, lounging places, and bathrooms are just some of the facilities available at this sanctuary in the middle of Dubai. Specialized carts are available for guests with mobility impairments. The centerpiece is a Guinness World Record-breaking floral homage to the Emirates A380, the world's biggest passenger airplane. Fantastical flower arrangements, such as humanoid ants and enormous mushrooms, provide a creative touch to the landscape. Smurfs Village features colorful, mushroom-like buildings resembling blue cartoon characters, creating a vibrant and colorful environment. Both the Hill Top and the Lake Park are beautiful, but the Lake Park is more so due to the combination of flowers and water. Captain Dunes, a top-tier tour company, ensures a magical Dubai Miracle Garden trip with the Heart Passage and Umbrella Tunnel, showcasing love and aroma.

Miracle Garden Dubai

As winter approaches and the weather gets cooler, the gates to the Dubai Miracle Garden open once again. This 72,000-square-meter paradise is filled with over 150 million flowers in full bloom, making it one of the most picturesque and fragrant destinations in the region. It first opened on Valentine’s Day nearly nine years ago, and has been delighting visitors ever since.

Emirates A380

Situated in the heart of Dubai, Miracle Garden is a one-of-a-kind destination that offers visitors a unique and extravagant outdoor recreational experience. The garden features state-of-the-art facilities and services, including open and VIP parking, sitting areas, a prayer room, toilet blocks, an ablution facility, a security room, a first aid room, carts for handicapped visitors, retails and commercial kiosks. Miracle Garden is truly a unique place in the region and in the world.

Sunflower Field At Miracle Garden Dubai

If you’re looking for a natural backdrop that is guaranteed to make your photos pop, then sunflowers are the perfect choice. These vibrant flowers are known for their ability to absorb and reflect light, making them ideal for bright, sunny days. Sunflowers are also unique in that they actually turn to face the sun as they grow. This means that no two sunflowers are exactly alike.

When photographing sunflowers, keep in mind that they often grow in fields with thousands of other sunflowers. This can create a stunning effect that is sure to impress. Did you know that each individual sunflower is actually made up of thousands of tiny flowers? That’s why the center of the flower is so fuzzy!

Floating Lady

The newest attraction at Miracle Garden, the Floating Lady lies in the air, arms outstretched without a care in the world as her long hair.

Emirates A380

The Airbus A380 is the world’s largest passenger jet and the pride of Dubai’s flagship airline, Emirates. To honor this amazing aircraft, we collaborated with Emirates Airline to build the world’s largest floral installation in the heart of the world’s largest flower garden. Our A380 is covered in more than 500,000 fresh flowers and living plants, and holds a Guinness World Record. No wonder that the A380 is one of our most popular attractions!

Floral Designs

The vibrant colors and intricate designs of our 3D floral characters are a testament to the skill of our team. By merging these characters with beautiful flowers, we have created a truly remarkable display that is sure to delight visitors to the region’s most popular flower garden. Our giant floral mushrooms, humanoid ants with flowery thoraxes, rose-laden swans, and flower-powered cars are just a few of the imaginative attractions that have made Dubai Miracle Garden a long-time favorite.

Smurfs Village At Miracle Garden Dubai

The Smurfs are coming to town! Dubai Miracle Garden is proud to announce the launch of its all-new Smurfs Village for the winter season. A forest of mushroom houses awaits the residents and tourists alike as they explore one of the city’s most visited destinations. Based on the Belgian comics and well-acclaimed movie and television franchise, The Smurfs are small, blue creatures who live in a community of mushroom-shaped houses in their own harmonious village. The dynamic spectacle of display at Dubai Miracle Garden will feature four different areas including the Smurf Village, Smurf Activity Area, Smurf Topiaries, and another Guinness World of Record set to break, giving residents of Dubai something to truly look forward to this new season.

Hill Top

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a place of beauty and wonder. Visitors can stroll through a wonderful passage that takes them to a lower part of the garden, where they can enjoy a unique perspective on the hill, with its colourful flowers rising from the bottom to the higher points. Up here, the Dubai Miracle Garden looks like a valley of wonder, with its surrounding multi-coloured petals and trees, accompanied by a number of coffee shops and an ice cream bar. It’s an ideal spot for a family photo or couple’s selfie – with a warm coffee! Try different angles to see how much of this special Dubai flower garden you can capture.

Lake Park

Welcome to the Lake Park, where water and flowers come together to create a stunning natural scene. This is the perfect place to take your smartphone out for a spin and capture some fully saturated snaps with your friends or family. From purple and green to red, pink, orange and blue, this is one spot you won’t want to miss. And with waterside creature models next to sea travel vessels, all bound by Dubai Miracle Garden’s floral themes, the Lake Park has something for everyone. So come on in and enjoy the view!

Umbrella Tunnel

Come to our Lake Park and see water and flowers come to life together. The reflection of floral villas and 3D flower-laden models against the blue sky creates a sensational scene of purple, green, red, pink, orange and blue hues. It’s the perfect place to take your smartphone out for some fully saturated snaps with your friends, family or special someone. With waterside creature models next to sea travel vessels, all bound by Dubai Miracle Garden’s floral themes, the Lake Park captures every aspect of H2O and gives it a flowery makeover.

Heart Tunnel

As you walk through the Hearts Passage at Dubai Miracle Garden, you can’t help but feel the love in the air. With its line-up of large hearts and thousands of colourful petals, this passage is a perfect representation of the wider flower garden. It’s not only about the shape but also the scent of these flowers that embed themselves into visitors’ everlasting experience, creating a treasured memory that will remain long after they’ve gone home.

Miracle Garden Dubai Floral Villas

In a world of bustling cities and hectic lifestyles, it’s easy to forget the simple things in life that bring us joy. But in Dubai, there is a place where love is celebrated in all its forms: The Dubai Miracle Garden.

The garden is home to the Hearts Passage, a beautiful display of large hearts adorned with colourful flowers. This passage is a perfect representation of the wider flower garden, which is filled with thousands upon thousands of blooms.

Visitors to the garden love taking couples photos in front of the hearts, as well as recording selfie videos as they pass through. The sight and scent of these flowers embed themselves into visitors’ everlasting experience, creating a treasured memory that will remain long after they’ve gone home.

Miracle Garden Dubai Floral Castle

The Dubai Miracle Garden is home to a stunning floral castle that looks like it belongs in an enchanted kingdom. The smell of daisies and sunflowers fills the air, and the green and red hues of the castle are breathtaking. The fortress towers above the garden, and its magnificent spires make for a beautiful backdrop for photos with family and friends. One of the best spots for a magical photo is at the top of the stairs, where you can get a perfect view of the entire castle.


After a long day of exploring the gardens, take a break in one of our cabanas. With billowing drapes and floor cushions, it’s the perfect place to relax and experience the Hawaiian ambiance.

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