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Desert Safari Dubai

You'll never forget the Arabian Desert adventure that Captain Dunes in Dubai offers. Embark on an exhilarating 4x4 SUV morning Jeep journey to see the breathtaking dawn, sun, and golden magnificence. Have incredible time sand skiing on Dubai's distinctive 200-300 meter dunes, riding peaceful camels for 45 minutes in the Dubai Desert Safari Conservation Area. A hot-air balloon safari provides a bird's-eye perspective of the desert, while quad riding allows riders to traverse it. For a unique 90-minute horseback riding session or a sumptuous desert excursion, choose a vintage Land Rover. Enjoy stilt walking, fire eating, and twirling while capturing breathtaking landscapes with a Range Rover at night. Overnight safari packages with breakfast and camping are also available from Captain Dunes, making them ideal for cold nights. Get in touch with Captain Dunes if you want to arrange a memorable desert safari in Dubai.

Exciting Morning Desert Safari with Captain Dunes in Dubai

An exciting excursion that gives you a fantastic morning in the desert is the Desert Safari in Dubai. Your journey is enhanced and made more memorable by Captain Dunes. So you may connect with them if you plan to visit. The following activities are possible during your visit to the desert. The best time to see the vast Arabian Desert is just before dawn. It is the time when the sun is at its brightest and looks to be the largest. Enjoy its grandeur while observing the golden glory. Without a doubt, the desert’s dawn hours are the most picturesque. Dune bashing is a great way to explore the Arabian Desert. A morning Jeep safari trip in a 4×4 SUV is a fascinating activity on the greatest desert safari in Dubai. It takes you over the huge Arabian Desert and through the blustery wind and sand. The jeep would often pick you up from the camp and take you on an enjoyable 30-minute trip.

Camel Riding in Desert Safari Dubai

You can enjoy a relaxing walk in the desert on a camel safari. In Dubai, a camel safari normally takes place in the morning. It usually involves an exhilarating 45-minute ride through the desert. Riding the camel caravan through the Dubai Desert Safari Conservation Area, explore the desert animals. The falcon presentation is another highlight of the camel safari in the desert. The guests may wander around the falcon and take pictures with the lovely bird.

Sand Skiing In Desert Safari Dubai

Experience the excitement of gliding through the sand dunes by sand skiing. Due to the continuous sand dunes in Dubai, sand skiing is an exciting adventure activity that is exclusive to the city. There are a few dunes that are perfect for sand skiing and reach heights of 200–300 m. See the sand beneath your skates as you descend quickly.

Use a quad bike to ride like an expert

One of the most exhilarating activities offered in a desert is riding a quad bike in the Arabian Desert. The perfect activity for thrill-seekers on a Dubai vacation is quad biking. This is due to the fact that it enables you to expertly navigate the bends and explore the desert.

Experience the Arabian Desert in a hot-air balloon

hot-air balloon safari offers a stunning 360-degree perspective of the huge Arabian Desert. The hot air balloon has space for 24 passengers. It drifts high in the air while providing stunning sights and an adrenaline rush. In the area, tourists may spot desert animals, notably gazelles and camels.

Go on a classic Land Rover

If you want something even more opulent, take a vintage Land Rover and explore the desert in luxury. These tours are often pricey, but they are worthwhile. This is due to the fact that they provide a lot of additional activities to enhance your desert tour experience.

Riding a horse

You may also choose to ride a horse in the desert, which is similar to riding a camel. These kinds of encounters are quite distinctive and excellent for unwinding. You will always be with a guide during the 90-minute horseback riding experience.

At sunset, get the best shots of the scenery

In Dubai’s desert, the evening sun is equally as stunning as the morning one, if not more so. It is quite magnificent to see the sun fall behind one of those dunes, dissipating its orange-like tint. Take a Range Rover to one of the dunes and enjoy the view as it seems enormous in the distance. A great chance to take some candid pictures exists there!

Have a fantastic time at night In Desert Safari Dubai

A night doesn’t get better than this with a range of activities, including stilt walking, fire eating, and whirling. Have fun with your loved ones as you anchor your luxurious tent. Enjoy a Dubai desert safari replete with barbeque, a bonfire, and celebrations under the tent beneath the sky.

Enjoy a buffet dinner with the best of Arabic cuisine

Dubai food is renowned for its mouthwatering tastes and alluring fragrances. Evergreen kebabs, hummus, and a range of mouthwatering Iranian and Lebanese delicacies are all offered as buffets on a Dubai desert trip.

Wrapping up

The ultimate desert safari in Dubai includes both dune-bashing and stargazing. Most evenings are chilly and windy, which is ideal for getting in the Range Rover. Drive all the way to the dunes and spend the night appreciating the finest of the Arabian Desert. The most popular overnight safari combos in Dubai are camping and breakfast. If you want to arrange a trip to the Dubai desert safari, you may get in contact with Captain Dunes.

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