Discover 4 Must-See Dubai City Tour Attractions By Captain Dunes

July 09, 2024

Why Should You Visit Dubai?

Dubai is a majestic land known for its Iconic Landmarks like Burj Khalifa and Burj El Arab, Luxurious Shopping, Cultural Experiences, Desert Adventures, World-Class Dining, Stunning beaches and Vibrant Nightlife. And so when we can have the fun of all this then who has prohibited us? And so we, Captain Dunes will get you to know about four eye-catching Dubai City Tour Attractions which will make your trip the most memorable one!

If you didn’t visit these places, your trip was worth nothing!

Imagine that you have spent a pile of your finances to fulfil your dream of coming to Dubai and you ended up wasting your holidays. Nightmare? Yes! So, what to do to make your visit worth it? You should visit these underrated places in Dubai so that you have something to boast about your trip!

The Magical Aladdin City!

Don’t know about the Magical Aladdin City? No worries! Let me explain to you!

Aladdin City is based in the heart of Dubai, paying tribute to the classic folk story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp which I am sure we all know since we were young. It features beautiful futuristic buildings with creative architecture. Three golden towers could be seen by air-conditioned walkways. This also serves as a Cultural Center as it hosts music, dance and visual art exhibitions throughout the year. Souk Al Bahar offers a vibrant marketplace experience with local arts and crafts.

Aladdin City Dubai
Experienced Tour Guide

Aladdin City Dubai


We ensure sustainability as it is built with eco-friendly methods like solar panels and energy-saving features. It offers luxury desert tours and experiences. There are Luxury Apartments, Five-Star Lodging, and a Business Space. Moreover, Floating, climate-controlled walkways are there with ornate Arabian Designs. You can also witness stunning views of Dubai Creek. What’s even more attractive is that there is an Aladdin Theater with Art galleries and cultural events which always celebrate Middle Eastern Heritage.

The Magnificent Mohammad Bin Rashid Library!

If you are a bookaholic then Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is inspired by Arabic Calligraphy, designed by Wael Al Awar. The building has a futuristic design resembling an open book. There is a vast collection containing over 4.5 Million Volumes. There is an extensive range of themes, like history, science, literature, arts and more. It reflects the linguistic and cultural diversity of Dubai and is accessible to people of all abilities.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

Due to technological evolution, Digital books, journals, and databases are also available. There is an advanced infrastructure with computer labs, multimedia classrooms, and group study areas which is just AMAZING! This library is a house for Community Engagement, Educational Commitment, Historical Preservation, Cultural Exchange, and Tourism Enhancement!

We, Captain Dunes, offer you guys luxury Dubai City Tour Attractions to enhance the visitor experience at the library and other cultural attractions.

The Ultimate Cosmic Adventure With Aya Universe!

A Fan of Cosmics? Get to see the newest engineering and design marvel in Dubai, the Aya Universe! It offers an otherworldly adventure and a cosmic journey to its visitors.

The main attractions here are Astronomical Displays with life-like reproductions of planets, stars and galaxies, Astronaut Training Simulators, Heavenly Cuisine with Space-themed eateries, and Academic coursework through Lessons and Seminars on cosmic exploration and stars. There is a gift shop as well, from where you can buy space-themed apparel, toys and memorabilia. They are located in the Central Dubai. They open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM with general entry tickets starting from AED150 to VIP Packages for AED250 with discounts for children and elders.

Aya Universe
Experienced Tour Guide

Aya Universe


The tips we and they give for you visitors are that you must book tickets in advance to avoid the fuss of standing in waiting lines. You should arrive early, better if you arrive during the peak hours. You should stay hydrated and use water fountains which are available there. You may bring a camera or a phone to capture your thrilling experiences.

Travel To The Future, With The Future Museum!

Who doesn’t know about The Future Museum? Everyone does, of course! Everyone would like to visit the museum at least once in their life because the Museum of the Future offers a satisfying voyage of five eras, including a virtual DNA Library and a spaceship ride with the OSS Hope space station. It also features Al Waha which promotes digital detoxes and mental health. The Future Heroes exhibit for children encourages them with creative problem-solving.

The torus-shaped building also has a unique story, it represents the human eye, Emirate History, and infinity! The main attractions here are the spaceship ride, vault of Life, Al Waha, and Future Heroes exhibit. It have been opened on 22nd February 2022 and is set in the year 2071 commemorating a century since the UAE’s formation. Their focus is to combine human well-being and technology with environmental conversation.

We Captain Dunes offer vacation packages, hotel bookings, simplified immigration processes and educational tours.

In Conclusion

Now, these are the four top-rated places in Dubai City Tour Attractions. Which you have to visit, otherwise you will tend to miss a lot on your Dubai Holiday. Make the booking and other procedures easier with us so that we can make it possible for you to end up having the most memorable holidays!

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