Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing our trip package( s). By reserving a trip through our website, you ´re supposed to have agreed to its terms of use. Please read the following terms and procedures in order to make sure that you ´ve easily understood the conditions of your favored trip. All of the below mentioned terms and conditions are applicable for bookings made through our websites similar as

1. Pricing

Our policy assures you of an profitable pricing, along with the convenience of making reservation online. Unless else mentioned, prices quoted on our website are charged on per person base, and don’t include tips given to stint attendants or motorists, passport/ visa figure, trip insurance, drinks or food. The published rates may change without previous notice, particularly in case of any unlooked-for circumstance, similar as increase in magnet Ticket Rates, or transport charges.

2. Methods of Payment

We accept nearly all major credit cards, similar as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Beaneries. We also have option to pay on appearance but this system is only available where deals platoon allow it.

3. Confirmation of Payment

Once the payment is done, our trip advisers will shoot you a evidence slip bye-mail.

4. Cancellation & No Show Policy


No Show

5. Cancellation Procedures

previous to making cancellation, we recommend you to precisely read the cancellation rules that apply to your stint package. For cancellation of all or any part of your reservation, make sure that you make announcement of cancellation to Captain Stacks in jotting. Upon entering your cancellation request, we ´ll let you know throughe-mail, fax or telephone regarding the evidence of reserving cancellation as well as the figure that should be paid. Captain Stacks can not be held responsible for any cancellation that has not been entered from you or not verified by us.

6. Itinerary Amendments

Routings and services covered in your package are subject to change grounded on original/ rainfall conditions, airway schedules and similar other several aspects. Should this chance, we can give suitable options of analogous value, still depending on its vacuity. At utmost, we advertise changes in diary, if any, before departure. Please note that Captain Stacks reserves complete right to apply minor emendations in diary at any time without payment. Further, no payment can be done in the event of vis major, similar as flood tide and earthquake.

7. Travel Insurance

Captain Stacks shall not be responsible for any kind of damages as an outgrowth of accident, illness, injury, or loss of particular baggage or indeed the cancellation of trip. It’s judicious that the rubberneck should mileage of a trip insurance policy to attack unlooked-for events.

8. Travel Documents

It’s the responsibility of every guest to insure that he or she carries documents applicable for a particular stint, including passport or a valid ID card. This is especially important for guests coming from a different country. No refund can be done in the event of loss or lack of these applicable documents. also, passengers – irrespective of their nation – are advised to check with their separate country ´s consulate then to gain information on entry essentials, before they plan to visit then. Inversely vital is to interrogate with your consulate regarding the current visa and health conditions, as they’re subject to change without previous notice.

9. Website operation Restrictions

All content in this website, including totem, images, information on stint package, pricing details, and other applicable details, are personal to Captain Stacks. Consequently, as a condition of this website ´s operation, you agree not to exploit this website or its content for anynon-personal, marketable, or illegitimate purposes.

10. Delivery & Shipping Policy

Addition is obligatory and should have the below mentioned point( Applicable as per the website Products Services).
Recommended statement is “( Website) will NOT deal or give any services or products to any of OFAC( Office of Foreign means Control) warrants countries in agreement with the law of UAE ”.

11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Addition is obligatory and should have any one of the below mentioned points.
“ Any purchase, disagreement or claim arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and demonstrated in agreement with the laws of UAE ”.