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Hatta Mountains

Hatta Mountains are a popular recreational destination near Dubai. It offers an alpine environment suitable for horseback riding, kayaking, and other adventure sports, as well as a refuge for the endangered Arabian Tahr goat. With nearly 50 kilometers of trails, Hatta is a popular destination for mountain bikers, with green routes suitable for beginners and black routes for experienced hikers. Parking is free, and visitors can sleep under the stars at the Hatta Trail Campsite. The mountain sign, resembling the Hollywood sign, lights up the night sky for an unforgettable experience. Dining options in Hatta include mountain-view breakfasts at Café Gazebo, seafood platters at Jeema, and genuine Emirati fare at Al Hajarain. The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing of Dubai has approved Captain Dunes, a reputable tour operator, to offer services like vacation packages, hotel reservations, visa assistance, and sightseeing excursions.

Map of the Hatta Mountains

Hatta is a highland community high in the Hajar mountains, which is an important detail to be aware of. The Hatta mountain conservation area, which safeguards the local yet endangered Arabian Tahr goat species, preserves its alpine terrain. For those looking for excitement, Hatta Mountain offers several excellent chances for riding and kayaking.

Since the dawn of human civilization, villages have been a crucial component. People benefit greatly from their atmosphere of calmness, relaxation, and absence of pollution. In addition, village life is incredibly easy and the residents are warm and welcoming. So, people claim that villages provide a fantastic opportunity for city inhabitants to relax, let go of all their tension, and fully enjoy nature. Most of us have an image of the UAE in our minds that includes an ultra-modern nation with opulent retail malls, fun water parks, and lots of tourists. Even while this may be somewhat true, some regions of the United Arab Emirates still have a peaceful village atmosphere. One such location worth mentioning is Hatta Village, which is home to the magnificent Hatta Mountains.

Center for Hatta Mountains Biking Trails

For mountain cyclists, Hatta Mountain in Dubai has the ideal route. Bike riders can travel through a variety of terrains on the nearly 50 kilometers of riding routes that are dispersed throughout the mountainous region. The fact that these pathways have color-coded designations is a plus. You should ride on linings trails with green paths if you are a novice rider with little to no expertise. If you are an expert, though, you can explore the black paths.

There is free parking available and trails are always open. What’s even more thrilling is that if you bring your bike, riding is free. If you don’t already have one, you can purchase one at Hatta Wadi Hub. Don’t forget to take in the stunning mountain scenery and eye-catching grasses while you hike the peak.

If you wish to spend a starry night in the mountains, head to the Hatta Trail Campsite to set up your camp. Drive in the famous Hatta Mountains UAE is a feast you won’t soon forget. Every rider has access to all the amenities at the campground.

Hatta Mountains Symbol

Have you ever seen the Hollywood sign perched over the Los Angeles mountains? If so, perhaps you’d want to visit the Hatta Sign in the Hatta Mountain Safari to relive some of your most treasured experiences. High in the Hajar Mountains, there is a sign that reads HATTA. It stands up beautifully against the pitch-black night sky. You can see its 60-meter-tall letters from several locations throughout the village. Only on foot, you can reach the Hatta mountain sign; you can start your walk there from Hatta Wadi Hub. The duration of the entire hike is about 30 minutes.

Hatta Mountains Restaurants

You must be quite hungry after all of those excursions, hikes, and kayaking! Hatta provides a selection of delectable cuisines to pamper your taste buds to take care of it. We include some of the top restaurants in the Hatta heritage village below.

Gazebo Café

The Hatta Fort Hotel’s Café Gazebo is located above the pool and provides a breathtaking view of the adjacent mountains as you eat. The location is ideal for obtaining a filling breakfast or lunch. They will serve you breakfast with fresh honey from the adjacent Hatta Honeybee farm. Pasta, soups, curries, sandwiches, and other regional and international dishes are all available for lunch.


One of Hatta village’s priciest eateries is Jeema Jeema. The seafood platter, curries, steaks, and a range of other delicacies are available at this restaurant, which is present inside the Hatta Fort Hotel.

Al Hajarain

Go to Al Najarian if you want to give your taste buds a taste of real Emirati cuisine. Several Emirati dishes, including Pulav, fattoush, Machboos, and Biryani, are available at the restaurant. It is a wonderful restaurant that places a strong emphasis on using regional ingredients. For those who like it, the restaurant offers an international menu and is present inside the Hatta village.

Bottom Bracket

When you’re in Hatta tour and want to fill up on extra energy, head to Bottom Bracket. There are many healthy options available, including smoothies, salads, acai bowls, light wraps, and many others.

The Department of Barbeque

A mouthwatering and juicy grilled burger experience is available here. Don’t forget to stop by The BBQ Department after that. The eatery uses innovative methods to serve customers real grilled burgers. Also, it provides BBQ boxes that can serve up to 8 people and have a variety of meats. If you intend to stay the night at the restaurant, you can put this box in a bag provided by the establishment and enjoy it.

Wrapping up

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) of the Government of Dubai has authorized Captain Dunes, a destination management organization with offices in the United Arab Emirates.

We provide the best travel management services to both B2B and B2C clients. Through the years, we swiftly established a reputation as one of the top destination management firms in Dubai because of our great travel knowledge and professionalism. Through a team of skilled, effective employees, Captain Dunes has travel expertise handling holiday packages all across the United Arab Emirates, hotel reservations, simple visa procedures, and tours and excursions. We are a one-stop travel shop that makes it simple to design one-of-a-kind trip itineraries and activities. Visit the official website of Hatta Mountains for more deatails.

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