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Liwa Oasis in western Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, offers stunning desert scenery and natural beauty. Camp Nujum offers Bedouin-style tents, outdoor facilities, and contemporary amenities. Camp Al Falaj caters to families with a relaxing spa and café. The Empty Quarter and the Oasis are both Saudi Arabian borderlands. Camp Al Maktoum offers tranquility in the desert's sand dunes, while Camp Al Nahyan offers an exciting overnight safari. The area is home to the Emirates National Automobile Museum, Tel Moreeb Dune, and other forts. The Nahyan family, originally from the Bani Yas tribe, has had a significant cultural impact on Liwa. Camp Al Hameem is the largest oasis in the UAE, offering thrill-seekers camel racing, dune bashing, and more. Captain Dunes, renowned for its excellent tour services, ensures that every guest has a unique and rewarding experience in Liwa Oasis.

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The Liwa Oasis is a vast oasis in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. It is a popular tourist destination for its natural beauty and pristine desert flora. It offers a unique environment for families and couples alike. Among the attractionsat the Liwa Oasis are Camp Al Falaj, Camp Al Maktoum, and Camp Al Nahyan.

Camp Nujum

Guests can spend a night under the stars at Camp Nujum at Liwa Osis. The Bedouin-style tents are comfortable enough to sleep up to four people. The camp offers a range of activities, such as an outdoor tennis court and a Turkish steam bath. Guests can also enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi and concierge services. A breakfast for two is included with each stay.

Guests can also spend a day on camels, exploring the oases and meeting local Bedouin tribes. In the evening, they can attend a barbecue feast and experience an Arabian barbecue.

Camp Al Falaj

Camp Al Falaj in Liwa, United Arab Emirates, is the perfect spot for a family vacation. The hotel is situated in a Bedouin-style camp and features an exquisite restaurant and spa. From the spa, you can take an electric golf buggy to explore the surrounding untouched desert. This secluded oasis is also home to United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s villa.

Liwa Oasis is situated in the south-east of the UAE, close to the Saudi Arabia border. During the 15th and 16th centuries, the area became a sprawling oasis with numerous villages. Today, Liwa is home to the traditional Emirati culture.

Camp Al Maktoum

The Liwa Oasis is a 150km arc of desert villages that hug the edge of the Rub Al Khali desert. This endless expanse of sand dunes is home to the Al Maktoum and Al Nahyan families. This oasis is a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Liwa Oasis is located in the northeastern corner of the vast Empty Quarter. This desert area spans the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Yemen and is the largest area of continuous sand dunes in the world. The Rub-al-Jali stretches over a thousand kilometers in length and 500 km in breadth. Before the advent of Islam, the Bedouin tribes in the area made use of underground freshwater sources for date palm cultivation. Over the centuries, they developed large villages in this desert region, and some are still active today.

Camp Al Nahyan

Liwa Oasis is a fascinating destination for travelers. Located south of Abu Dhabi, this oasis is filled with palm trees, pools, and desert animals. You can experience an overnight desert safari to witness these animals up close. The journey begins with a pickup from a friendly desert guide in a 4WD. While in Liwa, you can also visit the Emirates National Auto Museum. You’ll find classic American cars and rainbow-colored Mercedes.

On the border of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Liwa is a popular location for desert exploration. The area is home to nine forts, two of which are intact and the other seven have undergone reconstruction. Another popular attraction in the area is the Tel Moreeb dune, which stands over 300 meters high and is the tallest dune in the world. It’s also a popular motorsports location.

Camp Al Yas

The Nahyan family, the ruling family in Abu Dhabi, used to live in the Liwa Oasis. They were part of the Bani Yas tribe and moved there for the pearl industry, which later became a huge part of the local economy. While most Bedouin left the Liwa, some remained and built forts to protect their resources.

The desert-based dwelling in southern Abu Dhabi was home to the Bani Yas tribe in the 18th century. Nowadays, the area is known as Liwa Oasis and is renowned for its scenic natural beauty. The area is home to ancient forts and offers a diverse range of activities.

Camp Al Hameem

Liwa Oasis is a desert oasis in southern Abu Dhabi. This attraction is located just four hours from the capital city of Abu Dhabi. It stretches over 100 km from east to west and contains the UAE’s largest oasis. It is home to a variety of activities including camel racing, dune bashing, and other desert excursions.

The desert is hot in summer but can get chilly at night. If you’re a woman, be sure to wear something that covers your knees and shoulders. You’ll also want to make sure that drones aren’t used, as the area is a no-fly zone. There are several camping options around the oasis. Some of these places also have hotels. The temperature in Liwa Oasis is around 47 degrees C on average, and can get as hot as 56 degrees C at times.

Camp Al Wadi

Camp Al Wadi at Liwa is an adventure camp located in the desert south of Abu Dhabi. It is located in the Empty Quarter, which is an expanse of dunes spanning 650,000 square kilometers in the UAE, Oman and Yemen. The area was once a settlement for Bedouin who used the underground freshwater sources for agriculture. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the region developed into a region with many settlements.

During your stay at Liwa, make time to explore the nearby Moreeb Dune, one of the highest dunes in the world. Climbing it is a thrilling and rewarding experience. The government has recently built a road to the dunes, and a complex at the base of the dunes hosts camel racing and cultural festivals. While there are not many hotels in the area, booking ahead is recommend to avoid disappointment.

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Liwa Oasis Full Day Sightseeing Tour
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