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Quranic Park

Dubai's Quranic Park, Al Khawaneej, is a unique representation of Arab heritage and culture, inspired by the Quran. Opened in March 2019, the park offers a cultural oasis for both Muslims and non-Muslims to explore and learn about Islam. Attractions include a mesmerizing glasshouse showcasing Quranic flora and an artificial cave that tells the wonders of 24 prophets through audio and pictures. The park's beautiful lake, divided by a promenade, is a testament to Prophet Musa's division of the Red Sea. The glasshouse features fountains and animated visuals, bringing the miraculous events of the prophets to life in the Cave of Miracles. The park's wide orchard garden offers a tranquil place for strolls, with well-tended flora from the Quran and Sunnah. Captain Dunes, the best and most reliable option for experiencing Dubai's cultural and historical sights, is dedicated to providing an unforgettable and fascinating experience.

Quranic Park Dubai

Khawaneej is home to some of Dubai’s most unique parks. In March 2019, a new park opened its doors to the public, and it is truly one of a kind. The Quranic Park is the first-ever Quran-inspired park in the world, and it is an amazing reflection of Arab culture. Even though modernity has taken over much of Dubai, Khawaneej has managed to keep its roots firmly planted in tradition. The Quranic Park welcomes Muslims and non-Muslims alike to learn more about Islam and have a good time. If you’re looking for something different during your next visit to Dubai, be sure to check out this one-of-a-kind park!

The Quranic Park in Al Khawaneej

The park is a great place to spend time with family and friends. With different sections serving different purposes, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The park features the plants and herbs mentioned in the Quran and the prophetic traditions, as well as an artificial cave telling the miracles of 24 different prophets through audio and visuals. In addition, there is a play area for kids, a cafeteria, a fountain, and a lake. So come on down and enjoy all that the park has to offer!

The Lake

The lake is a beautiful sight, with its two halves separated by a walkway. It is a reminder of the miracle of Musa, who saved the people of Israel from Egypt by parting the Red sea. The fountains in the middle of the lake add to its beauty, and on a windy day, one might expect to get wet if walking on the walkway between the halves of the lake.

The Glasshouse

The Quranic Park is home to a beautiful glasshouse that houses plants mentioned in the Quran and Islamic traditions. This one-of-a-kind greenhouse provides visitors with a rare glimpse into the plant life of the Quran, making it a must-see for anyone interested in Islam and its holy text.

The Cave of Miracles

The cave is said to be a place where miracles happen. It is said that God has given miracles to all the prophets mentioned in the Quran and traditions. Each section of the cave is dedicated to a specific miraculous incident. Visitors can watch animated videos and listen to sound effects that bring these stories to life.

The Gardens

The orchard garden in the park is quite large. Plants from the Quran and Sunnah are present here, as well. They are well kept and manicured. You can spend hours walking in this garden.

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