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The Green Planet Dubai

The Green Planet Dubai, located in Dubai, is home to over 3,000 unique plant and animal species. Children can explore the lush habitat of South American toucans, parakeets, and nocturnal porcupines on the bio-dome's middle level, featuring rope walkways and wooden bridges. The Rainforest Discovery Center showcases exotic reptiles, insects, and amphibians in glass cages. A team of scientists and staff members provide answers to visitors' questions and teach about the relevance of tropical animals to our world. At night, the rainforest comes alive with fascinating nocturnal species, including bird-watching with toucans and parrots, reptile encounters with lizards and snakes, and up-close encounters with sloths and sugar gliders. Captain Dunes, a trusted tour industry name, ensures guests have an amazing and enlightening experience by bringing them in close contact with the rainforest's wondrous marvels and unique creatures.

All you need to know about the Green Planet Dubai

The visitor then uses a staircase to descend to the floor below, landing on the midstory floor. Children can use the exciting rope walkways and wooden bridges for the same purpose. The colorful South American toucans, parakeets, and timid nocturnal porcupines can all be seen. The leaves in this area are large enough to absorb the dappled sunlight from the canopy above.

From here, take a lift to the treetop’s roof and ascend to the canopy. The canopy forms the roof of the rainforest at an incredible height of approximately 30–45 meters above the ground, providing a panoramic view of the ecosystem from the treetop and absorbing the majority of the sunlight.
The Green Planet Dubai

A variety of birds, including parrots and macaws, can be found freely roaming here, as well as an intriguing exhibit of bees, colorful butterflies, and leaf-cutter ants hidden behind a perspex wall.
The 25-meter-tall majestic tree is encircled by vines and dripping figs that, in the future, will completely envelop and cover the tree, creating a lush environment for tropical species to flourish and sustain themselves while improving the habitat on the first-largest fabricated tree in the world.

Forest floor

The forest floor of green planet is down below, past a sizable waterfall that is cascading. This floor is dark, quiet, and humid, and it houses a variety of reptiles, insects, and amphibians in glass enclosures. A superb floor for observing a wide variety of species up close, including sloths, sugar gliders, frogs, tarantulas, spiders, lizards, vipers, green boas, iguanas, panther chameleons, tokay geckos, and many others.

Dynamic environment

For the care of the animals, assistance with questions from visitors, and introduction of the various species, there is a team of biologists and trained staff. This is a living classroom, an opportunity for anyone to learn about tropical wildlife, in the words of Eric Hupperts, a California wildlife expert: With its dripping figs and vines, this tree simulates how a real tree would appear in its natural habitat. They will take hold within ten years and completely engulf the artificial tree. The environment will be dynamic.

Children and families will have an educational yet enjoyable experience thanks to an interactive display and secure enclosures. The Green Planet, a living museum, is a remarkable location to experience a rainforest and learn about tropical life’s significance to the planet.

Discover the fascinating bio-dome, an indoor tropical rainforest that supports more than 3000 plants and animals. As dusk falls, the sights and sounds of the tropical rainforest come to life at The Green Planet Dubai. Guests can explore the forest in the dark, learning about the nocturnal\screatures that call it home. Visitors who purchase a general admission ticket may also see the “tropical thunderstorm”! Visitors have a rare opportunity to learn about the unique tourist activities of the animals that live in Dubai’s only indoor rainforest.

Bird Sighting

You can get up close and personal with some of our feathered friends at Green Planet! Under the guidance of a knowledgeable biologist, you can get up close and personal with toucans, caiques, and other small parrots as part of our bird encounter program. This is a fantastic chance to learn more about these amazing animals, their habitats, and to take some amazing pictures.

The Reptile Experience

Three times a day at 12:30, 2:30, and 4:30 pm, Green Planet offers guests a 20-minute reptile encounter with lizards, geckos, and snakes. Tickets are available online or at the gate, and during the session, visitors will have the chance to get up close and personal with a reptile, take pictures holding it or standing next to it, and learn more about the various habitats of reptiles from a knowledgeable biologist in the Green Planet.

The Sloth Experience

A close-up and personal encounter with a sloth may be what you’re after. The Sloth Encounter at The Green Planet Dubai is the only place to go! Visitors can take part in a 30-minute slot once a day where they can take pictures next to sloths and discover why these animals are so crucial to the rainforest.

A Sugar Glider Experience

Visit us and play with our sugar gliders for 20 minutes! This is a fantastic chance to meet these unusual animals up close and personal and learn more about them from one of our biologists. Alongside them, you’ll be able to take some fantastic pictures!

Make sure to sign up as soon as possible for this experience, which is only available to five people and takes place once daily at 3:30 pm.

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