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La Perle By Dragone

La Perle by Dragone is a unique theatrical adventure in Dubai, featuring a 270-degree seating configuration and 1,300 seats. The show, which involves 65 performers defying physics, is a fusion of live performance, dance, technology, and music. Franco Dragone, a European creative director, drew inspiration from Dubai's spirit for the show, which features Arabian culture and cuisine. The show's backstory is based on folklore and Dubai's history and pearl diving tradition. The show features six main characters, each adding to its charm. The centerpiece of the production is the opulent, custom-built theater, which allows for acrobatics, high dives, and motorcycle stunts. The show airs for 90 minutes every Tuesday through Saturday at 6:30 PM. Captain Dunes, a licensed travel agency, provides a wide range of trip planning services in the United Arab Emirates, including organization, tour packages, hotel accommodations, visa processing, and exciting excursions.


La Perle by Dragone is a display that is larger than life. The 270-degree seating position of the theater’s 1300 seats makes it possible for viewers to fully immerse themselves in the stunning action. Another fascinating fact is that throughout the show, they pour 2.7 million gallons of water into the specially designed aqua theatre, which is then quickly emptied. You can see artists defying gravity by diving into the ocean from a height of 25 meters. The show’s 65 performers engage in a variety of acrobatic, aquatic, and airborne exploits.

The first ongoing production in the Middle East is La Perle by Dragone. La Perle is an artistic performance that tells the history of pearl diving in the UAE through visuals and technology. La Perle, which hosts over 450 concerts annually, is present in the center of Dubai’s entertainment hub, Al Habtoor City. To learn everything there about La Perle by Dragone Dubai, keep reading this page.
La Perle, a production by the acclaimed artistic director Franco Dragone, combines action, technology, and acrobatics. The 90-minute performance recounts Dubai’s history of pearl diving. The artists create a wonderful experience using 3D projections and a 360-degree surround sound system. There is a special stage for the ongoing production.

Franco Dragone: Who is he?

Franco-Dragone, a renowned European creative director, created La Perle Dubai. Franco Dragone, one of the pioneers of theatre entertainment, created a genre that combines live performance with dance, technology, and music.

For the pop diva Celine Dion, the aquatic ballet routine called Le Reve in Las Vegas, and the renowned water-based spectacle The House of Dancing Water in Macau, Dragone is credit with producing amazing theatre performance. According to Franco Dragone, La Perle will showcase the beauty and flavors of Arabia and is inspired by the essence of Dubai.

What is La Perle’s origin story?

The story La Perle was created to be. The history of Dubai and its community of pearl divers served as a major source of inspiration for the novel. The characters are modeled after folktales. To emphasize the rise of Dubai and mankind, it surpasses a universal period.

La Perle by Dragone uses sound, lights, and projections to tell the story utilizing the original method developed by its artistic director Franco Dragone. The event features around 65 artists who take risks.

Who plays what roles in La Perle?

La Perle by Dragone features six primary characters. The ambitious and immature King, Pearl, is a young woman from the outside world who is a stranger in the kingdom. Antar is a gladiator and Pearl’s lover, yet he will always be grateful to the avaricious King.

The story’s adversary and the King’s servant is called Prince. The King’s pet is a lion, modeled after a traditional Chinese character. The futuristic Cyborgs sporting colorful clothing is the last group.

La Perle By Dragone Dubai  Stage & Auditorium’s Architecture

La Perle by Dragone is a continuously running production, and the magnificent custom-built theatre is the key to its opulent design. The performance includes acrobatics, diving from heights of meters, and motorbike stunts. The 2.7 million liters of water in the water stage can be evacuate in a matter of minutes to elevate the performance. The legendary Jean Rabasse created the La Perle theatre.

La Perle By Dragone Dubai Show Schedule

General Times: From Tuesday to Saturday, the La Perle concerts start at 6:30 PM and end at 9:00 PM.

Closed: Sundays and Mondays are off from performances.

Final day for admission: We advise the visitors to arrive an hour before their performance.

Visit Duration: Each performance lasts 90 minutes.

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