Top Water Parks In Dubai: Legoland Water Park & Wild Wadi Water Park

May 29, 2024

Are you ready for the most memorable trip of your life? Dubai isn’t all about shopping, bling, and desert safari. If you want to beat the heat and have unlimited fun, add these water parks to your travel bucket list! Dubai is a family travel destination; water parks are the perfect choice for a day of splashing joy! Book a trip with us to Captain Dunes this summer, and you can enjoy all the water parks in Dubai! If you are short on time, read on and decide for yourself which water park you would love to visit! If we have to list our favourites; here’s an overview of the Legoland Water Park and Wild Wadi Water Park! See which one you would pick for your next family trip!

Legoland Water Park

Legoland Water Park Dubai

Did You Just Look For The Most Awesome Water Park In Dubai? Captain Dunes heard you! Let’s combine two kids’ all-time favourites: Lego and Water parks! That’s right, Legoland Water Park is one of the coolest ones for the whole family!

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Legoland Water Park Dubai


Activities At Legoland Water Park

  • Lego Lovers, Creative moms, and kids are going to love this activity at Legoland: Build-a-boat! Grab those Legos, have fun designing your very own boat, and put it to the test! 
  • Duplo Splash Safari: Ready, Set, Splash! We know what you are thinking? What about the toddlers? The toddlers can have all the safe splashing fun in Duplo Splash Safari! Free yourself from toddler tantrums on your vacation, and let them have their own fun with slides that are safe for them! Packed with entertainment for kids, the Lego characters are a fun attraction for the little ones!
  • Joker Soaker: Water Parks Dubai playgrounds are the definition of fun for families! The interactive slides and sprinklers guarantee a fun time for the whole family!
  • Lego Slide Racers: Are you competitive and love a little thrill? Get ready for the adrenaline rush with the adventurous and thrilling slide racers! With six mat slides, it’s time to slide and splash!
  • Splash and Swirl: Splash down the tube and beat your mood blues with a splash!
  • Splash out: Are you in for something exciting? How about a 60-foot-high drop? Sounds fun? Give it a try at Legoland Water Park Dubai!
  • Tidal Tube: We believe a vacation is incomplete without an adventure that gives you goosebumps! The 70m closed tube slide is an exhilarating experience that you will remember for long! 

Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai

Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park is one of the most famous tourist attractions, and rightly so, for it was featured on The Amazing Race Asia! Captain Dunes knows how to plan your perfect trip to this water park in Dubai! Trust us, as we know this place like the back of our hand, and we can guarantee that this is not the one to miss! Let’s see what wild adventures Wild Wadi Water park has for you:

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Wild Wadi Water Park


Activities At Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai

  • Jumeirah Sheilah: If you dare to do something thrilling and adventurous, this fast slide isn’t just your ordinary water slide; it’s an 80 km/hour thrill!
  • Wipe out and Rip tide Flow rider: Surf the waves and check another adventure off your bucket list! This attraction is a pretty famous spot for all surfing fans!
  • Master Blaster: The high-speed roller coaster is one ride you shouldn’t miss on our recommendation, and we guarantee you won’t regret it!
  • Tantrum Ally: Buckle up for water slides, twist and turns with tornados!
  • Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon: This play structure is what dreams are made of! You can spend the whole day with your little ones without worrying about anything!
  • Burj Surj: Hold on to the tube as you ride down the Burj Surj and splash with your friends!
  • Breaker’s Bay: Now get ready for the iconic wave pool, with waves crashing as high as 1.5 metres! The largest one in the Middle East, this Pool is a one-of-a-kind attraction!
  • Juha’s Journey: Take a deep breath and relax while floating down the lazy river. This ride warms you up for an exhilarating day!

What Will Be Your Pick? Lego land Water Park or Wild Wadi?

While Lego land Water Park has plenty of other activities besides the water park for L+ego fans. Wild Wadi is more adventurous and thrilling! Book your trip now with Captain Dunes and make memories this summer!

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