Aquafun Water Park

Aquafun Water Park

Aquafun Water Park

Ahmed Ben Chaibeh, an Emirati businessman, created the fun-filled Aquafun Water Park on JBR Beach in Dubai to give visitors of all ages an exciting outdoor experience. With over 110 thrilling challenges, the park offers hours of entertainment for guests of all ages. Captain Dunes, a tour company, ensures a great time for visitors with life jackets and trained lifeguards on duty. The park offers a wide variety of cuisine at 25 nearby eateries and provides birthday packages for up to 50 people with themed activities. Water slides, monkey bars, and inflatable cliffs make Aquafun Water Park a must-see for thrill-seekers in Dubai. With expert planning and excellent rates, booking with Captain Dunes guarantees a memorable trip to Dubai. Captain Dunes will get you the best deal possible on a visit to Aquafun Water Park, and their helpful local guides will make sure you don't miss a thing when exploring the city's sights.Bottom of Form

Captain Dunes-Your trusted travel partner:

When you are in Dubai, live every moment to the fullest to enjoy your trip. The best way to enjoy the beauty of Dubai is to select a trusted Tour guide. Captain Dunes is the perfect choice with its hospitable native tour guides. Captain Dunes is your trusted partner that takes care of your comfort and convenience. When you book a trip to Aquafun Water Park with Captain Dunes, you’ll get the best value for your time and money.

Dubai has been a hotspot vacation destination for tourists all around the globe. It is a guaranteed unforgettable holiday for you and your family! Dubai is home to the majestic red dunes desert, scenic routes, iconic skyscrapers, and mesmerizing beaches. The stunning beauty of the city can be witnessed through a Dhow cruise trip, dunes bashing, and an adrenaline rush with thrilling sports!Aquafun water park is one of the most exciting tourist attractions in Dubai with its name shining in the Guinness Book of World Recods. This thrilling and exhilarating experience will leave you with unforgettable memories. Book your trip to Aquafun Water Park with Captain Dunes for your next trip to Dubai and enjoy the time of your life and satisfy your wanderlust cravings!

Facts about Aquafun Water Park?

Aquafun Park is one of the best entertainment in the heart of Dubai. Located on JBR Beach, one of the busiest beaches and an iconic landmark in itself, this waterpark can accommodate more than a thousand guests at any time! It was primarily developed by the young Emirati entrepreneur Ahmed Ben Chaibeh, specifically for people searching for pure adventure and excitement in an open, natural environment. The fun at Aquafun Water Park is unlimited as you go through over 110 thrilling obstacles and make memories with your friends and family!

This iconic park holds the record for being the largest inflatable water park! This gem on the Gulf Sea guarantees an exciting adventure that can’t surely be missed!

Unleash Your Inner Child:

Vacations in the Gulf Emirati states have their own perks! You get a chance to leave your worries behind and indulge in fun adventures! You get a glimpse of the luxurious lifestyle of the Arabs and, at the same time, experience things you can’t do anywhere else! Aquafun Water Park energizes your mind and soul! Imagine enjoying the obstacle course with the most breathtaking views around you! It’s a treat for the heart and mind at the same time! Whether you come with your family or friends, the challenging obstacle course and all the fun will guarantee a day filled with laughter and giggles! Especially if you’re booking the trip with Captain Dunes, there’s nothing you need to worry about then! Feel free as a bird, and enjoy your day!

Water Fun for Everyone!

No matter how old you are, Dubai is taking care of the family vacation and making sure there’s a fun element for everyone at the Aquafun Water Park. This adventurous water park is situated in the most luxurious setting enabling you to enjoy every bit of it! Anyone older than six years is welcomed to the park with open arms! So it’s a fun group activity for all! There are special discounts on individual tickets and group tickets.

Safety First:

The safety and security of the visitors are the utmost priority of the staff! Everyone is provided with a life jacket at the point of entry, which is included in the ticket price. The professional crew and lifeguards on duty ensure your safe experience at the Aquafun Water Park.

Enjoy Food and much more!

Wherever you go, the foodie part makes it more fun and comforting! Captain Dunes always gives you the best options for local Arab delectable cuisine or international cuisines for your meals at any time of the day. At the Aquafun Water Park, you don’t have to worry about the food! The 25 nearby restaurants give you a wide array of cuisines to pick your favorites from! That’s one of the perks of being on the world’s busiest and most iconic beaches. You can enjoy Ice cream parlors, cafes, or other restaurants along the coast and add to the memorable experience and fun.

Birthday Packages:

You can plan your kid’s birthday at one of the most entertaining water parks in the world! The celebration arranged here with friends, and family is one of the most unforgettable gifts in itself, with a birthday on the beach in the most exciting setup with the sun shining bright above your head! You can purchase a group ticket for all activities included in the Birthday package and then avail of the discount while purchasing individual tickets. Aquafun Water Park can host up to 50 guests for your birthday. You can customize the party decorations according to your theme! Enjoy the party games and celebrate in the most vibrant and entertaining setup you can find anywhere in the world!

Never-Ending Fun:

At the World’s Largest Inflatable Water Park, you’re in for a day filled with thrilling rides and obstacles. Enjoy the water slides, monkey bars, inflatable cliffs, and much more!

Add to Bucket List:

A fun adventure enthusiast must add Aquafun Water Park to their bucket list! If you’re planning a trip to Dubai anytime, this opportunity cannot be missed! Plan your trip with Captain Dunes for the best experience and deals!

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