About Us

Who We Are

Captain Dunes is a UAE-based destination management company accredited by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) of the Government of Dubai.

We offer B2B and B2C clients the best of travel management services. Over the years, through our excellent travel expertise and professionalism, we quickly gained reputation as one of the best destination management companies in Dubai.

Captain Dunes has travel experience handling holiday packages all over UAE, hotel bookings, easy visa processing, and tours and excursions through a group of well-trained, efficient staff. We are a one-stop travel solution for the problem-free creation of unique vacation plans and activities.

What We Do

Our former clients bear witness to the attention to detail of our service standards. We offer telephone support 24/7, backed by reliable and efficient advice. We are also pleased to say that we have a strong customer retention rate and since the launch of our relationships, most clients have stuck with us. We are pleased to be your UAE host partner.

Our Philosophy

Our degree of success is expanding horizons and surpassing expectations to a point of surprise. There is an unwavering belief in individualism at the core of Captain Dunes. Personal choices, expectations and tastes are of utmost importance to us.

The world of today is one of globalization, mass production and uniformity of blandness. Instead, by nurturing inimitable individual distinctiveness, we aspire to break away from all common, ordinary, and uninspiring things. Our measure of success is to broaden horizons and to a point of shock exceed expectations

We make our business personal, just the way it was intended to be for travel and hospitality before they became separate industries. Instead of cordial financial transactions, we develop long-term relationships, refine and redefine the art of hospitality along the way.

Our Mission

At Captain Dunes, our mission is to make travel accessible and smoother to all. Captain Dunes is a complete one-stop solution for all services related to your tour in UAE.

To help our clients, we involve the best of our professionals. We are trained and kept up-to-date with recent trends and new services. So, you get a team of experts to advise you and help you in your travel needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure you get the best price guaranteed. We aim to provide the best travel facilities and tour packages that meet the expectations and budget of the customer's holiday or trip. You can book your orders without any hidden costs and can trust the best prices available without losing the high quality of the products we promise to deliver.

Our Values

We make sure all of your online transactions go through a secure and reliable payment service.

We promise our customers that online transactions are easy and secure where personal data and privacy is given the utmost importance to protect you from any transactions that are fraudulent and unauthorized.

The most advanced digital security certification authority verifies, authenticates and encrypts our systems. Therefore, regardless of how you choose to pay, your transaction will be safe and secure.

Why ChooseUs

  • 30+ Professional Friendly Staff
  • Corporate Clients in UAE
  • Own vehicles including Four Wheel Drive Jeeps (4WD), MPVs, Minivans, Minibus
  • Full insurance cover for all our tours activities in UAE
  • Industry Partnerships with leading service providers

Our Services