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The Dubai Fountain Show is a stunning architectural masterpiece located in Burj Khalifa Lake, next to the Dubai Mall. The WET Design-created fountain, which lifts over 83,000 liters of water to a height of 500 feet, has 25 color projectors and over 6,600 lights. The show is timed with Arabic classical music and modern worldwide hits. The fountain is over 2 acres in size and has 5 rings and 2 arches. Visitors can view the display from within 9 meters on the boardwalk beside it. The best way to see the fountain without the crowd is on a boat around the lake, with the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride and Dubai Fountain Boardwalk being the two primary places to observe the masterpiece. Captain Dunes, a reputable tour company, provides convenient vacation packages and expert trip planning assistance for both business and recreational travelers in Dubai.

What is the Dubai Fountain Show?

You can immediately picture a fountain whose jets move to the beat of the music if you’ve ever seen a dancing fountain. Okay, now visualise a fountain that is approximately 900 feet (300 metres) long and can shoot water as high as a 50-story structure. It resembles the Dubai Fountain in various ways. A gigantic, striking, amazing dancing fountain. is one of the most incredible things ever. WET Design also designed the Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, and created the Dubai Fountain, which is present amid Burj Khalifa Lake and close to the Dubai Mall.

The most mesmerising and enchanting performance you can watch in Downtown Dubai is unquestionably the Dubai Fountain Show! Every night, thousands of onlookers are drawn to this enormous and brilliant dancing fountain by the amazing display of light and water. The Dubai Fountain show is without a doubt one of the top attractions in Dubai and is present in the city’s trendy centre, at the base of the Burj Khalifa and just adjacent to the Dubai Mall.

When the construction was finished in 2009, the fountain dazzled tourists in Dubai with its shows. 25 colour projectors and more than 6,600 lights illuminate the Dubai Fountain. It has the capacity to spray more than 83,000 litres (22,000 gallons) of water from high-pressure jets up to a height of more than 150 metres (500 feet).

Marvel of Engineering

The fountain system, which recycles condensation from Burj Khalifa’s air conditioning systems, is a marvel of engineering. The fountain has plenty of water from this system. Arabic classical music and current worldwide hits are both play during the Dubai Fountain Show. The current hit songs are converted into light and water displays that the fountain performs by a team of musicians and engineers. With thousands of jets, the Dubai Mall Fountain, as it is often called, is made up of a sequence of 5 rings and 2 arches. About 280 metres (900 feet) in length, it spans more than 2 hectares (30 acres), in total. Taking an abra for a lake ride is the greatest way to enjoy the Dubai Fountain Show because the view from Burj Khalifa Lake is breathtaking.

Instead, reserve a ticket for the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk if you want to experience the display up close and personal and in its entirety. The view is simply stunning, and you are only 9 metres from the fountain.

Best Time To See The Dubai Fountain Show

When the sun sets, the Dubai Fountain is at its most spectacular. The nighttime presentations give you a better chance to appreciate the amazing light show than the midday ones do. Late at night, when the crowds start to thin out, is the ideal time to view the Dubai Fountain Show. The best option is to ride a lake ride to the show so you can take in the performance without having to squeeze through the crowd. The Dubai Mall restaurants with tables on the terrace and views of Burj Khalifa Lake are popular places for people to eat. Although the view of the show from there is not particularly good, it is still a wonderful way to spend the evening. Here is my list of the top dining options at the Dubai Mall.

There are undoubtedly two locations where you can witness the Dubai Fountain Show:

Dubai Fountain Lake Ride:

The most picturesque way to view the performance is on the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride! In my opinion, this is the most lovely way to take in the Dubai Fountain Show. You’ll board an abra, a tiny, traditional wooden boat, and enjoy a relaxing lake trip. You will be able to see the dancing fountain and the surreal setting of the glittering Burj Khalifa from this vantage point, where you will be right in the middle of the performance. The 30-minute-long Dubai Fountain Lake Rides leave 15 minutes before each performance.

The Boardwalk at the Dubai Fountain

The Boardwalk at the Dubai Fountain is in the centre of the spectacle! The Dubai Fountain Boardwalk is a floating path that connects Burj Park to the centre of the fountain, which is only 9 metres away at its closest point. The view is breathtaking from here, and you can get some incredible shots of the fountain and Burj Khalifa with its renowned LED Light Show.

Wrapping up

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