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The VR (Virtual Reality) Park in Dubai is one of the city's newest and most exciting tourist destinations for people of all ages. The park, which promotes itself as "community escapist entertainment," features over thirty exciting virtual reality (VR) activities. There is no lack of thrilling activities in Dubai, from the Dubai Drone ride, which takes you on a sky-high journey amid the city's skyline, to the heart-pounding Burj Drop experience, which simulates the sensation of free falling from the Burj Khalifa. Para Drop provides an unforgettable paragliding adventure above Dubai, while Speedway provides the ultimate driving experience without the hassle of the city's traffic. The 4WD Jeep Dune Bash tour of Dubai's sand dunes includes snakes, scorpions, and camels for desert enthusiasts. Drifters offer a family-friendly VR experience at Dubai's VR Park, partnering with Captain Dunes and innovative technology from Dubai's VR Park. This thrilling experience ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

VR Park Dubai is one of the newest tourist attractions on the scene

Dubai is a city full of unexpected things. It is mind-boggling how many illogical buildings and attractions the city can create; there is something for everyone. VR Park Dubai is one of the newest tourist attractions on the scene. This breathtaking site is quickly gaining notoriety.

The VR Park Dubai Mall, which is referred to as the largest VR Park in the world, offers a number of fascinating experiences that can make for an enjoyable day trip. Continue reading to learn more about this fascinating brand-new destination in Dubai.
The VR Park combines augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) through 18 immersive activities and exhilarating rides, making it the first attraction of its kind in the Middle East. This park is a haven for adventurers and gamers, offering an escape from the real world to a fantastical utopia right in the heart of Dubai. A variety of virtual environments, including thrilling, entertaining, and suspenseful ones, are available at VR Park Dubai Mall.

Thrilling experience

The focus is on “community escapist entertainment” to promote friendly interactions. You can expect some of the best location-based, VR, and AR experiences on every ride. There are set prices for the technologically enhanced experiences, but admission to the park is free.

Enjoy a day of family fun at the world’s largest indoor VR Park Dubai! There is something for everyone among the more than 30 thrilling VR experiences. We also have a soft play area for the kids. We have a variety of incredible gaming experiences for fans of classic arcade games that will excite both the young and the young at heart.

Drone in Dubai

Everyone in this bustling city takes drone taxis to get around. When your taxi starts spinning out of control through Dubai’s skies, it can be difficult to keep hold of it! But all of this is part of the thrill of the Dubai Drone virtual reality ride. You ascend into the Dubai skyline on this exhilarating journey for an unforgettable experience.

The world’s tallest building becomes even more intriguing. The most well-liked and thrilling experience at VR Park Dubai is probably the shiver-inducing descent of the Burj Khalifa at the mercy of gravity. This experience will be on par with the real thing thanks to advanced mechanics and VR.

Burj Drop

In Burj Drop, you take on the role of a window washer who is in charge of keeping the windows on the Burj Khalifa spotless. You suddenly fall through the air as the cable snaps. You have to act quickly to save yourself at the last second. This virtual reality experience is just one of many related to Dubai that VR Park has to offer. The Dubai Drone experience, which takes place in a futuristic Dubai, combines a thrilling Sci-Fi element with reality by taking you to a time when flying taxis dominated Dubai’s skyline. You notice that your taxi has spun out of control in the congested airway as you survey the scene from above.

Para Drop

Welcome to VR Park Dubai! Para Drop, our first attraction, is a must-see for anyone with a sense of adventure. This virtual reality paragliding experience is unlike anything else in the Middle East, and it provides a safe and thrilling way to check something off your bucket list. Fly through the air and enjoy breathtaking views of Dubai from the comfort of our park. Come and feel the rush of ParaDrop today!


SpeedWay is the ultimate driving experience! You can take to the road and race around without having to worry about traffic or other vehicles. This is your chance to let loose and enjoy yourself! From the safety and comfort of our VR arcade, you can drive around to your heart’s content.

The Dune Bash

Want to explore Dubai’s breathtaking desserts, but don’t want to drive through all the sand? Dune Bash is the ideal event for you! Take a thrilling 4WD Jeep tour through the Dubai desert, then continue on a fascinating journey where you’ll encounter snakes and scorpions. Along the way, you’ll also come across camels, giving Dune Bash a true sense of the desert.


Do you want to have a family-friendly VR experience? Then you should look into Drifters! It’s an improved version of the traditional bumper cars, and because you’re not physically in danger and are not subject to the laws of gravity, it is much more entertaining and interesting. You’ll be able to perform some incredible feats!


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