The Future Museum

Dubai's Museum of the Future

The Future Museum

On February 22, 2022, the most magnificent building in the world initially welcomed guests. We could go on and on about the future museum, but we'll get right to the point and give you the dirt on everything that's inside. Because it would be a terrible pity if you hadn't seen this architectural marvel that the rest of the world was raving about after a year. You may wonder why 2071. The year also commemorates 100 years since the union of the seven emirates and the birth of the United Arab Emirates. The future museum features a futuristic utopia set 49 years from now, in which technology and people live in peace and where humans have harnessed artificial intelligence (AI) and robots to address global warming, find new sources of renewable energy, and revive extinct species and ecosystems. Nature is therapeutic.


Travel to and from the moon

It is the closest you'll ever come to experiencing time travel and carrying out your wildest dreams of an Interstellar-style mission ( until one of the futuristic tech companies exhibiting inside the museum invents the time machine, of course). Five distinct immersive experiences, or chapters, make up the future museum. More...

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