The Future Museum

Dubai's Museum of the Future

The Future Museum

The Future Museum in Dubai offers an extraordinary journey through five fascinating eras, including a virtual DNA library with over 4,500 species and a spaceship ride to the OSS Hope space station. It also features a sanctuary called Al Waha, which promotes digital detoxes and mental health. The Future Heroes exhibit encourages children to work together and solve real-world problems creatively. The shape of the museum building, which is shaped like a torus, is meant to represent both the human eye and the history of the Emirate, and it also suggests infinity. Captain Dunes, a leading travel management company in Dubai, offers vacation packages, hotel bookings, simplified immigration processes, and educational tours for both business and leisure travelers. Their expert staff streamlines the process of customizing itineraries and activities, making vacations more enjoyable for everyone. Captain Dunes is among the best Dubai destination management companies due to their expertise and reliability.


On February 22, 2022, the most magnificent building in the world initially welcomed guests. We could go on and on about the future museum, but we’ll get right to the point and give you the dirt on everything that’s inside. Because it would be a terrible pity if you hadn’t seen this architectural marvel that the rest of the world was raving about after a year.
You may wonder why 2071. The year also commemorates 100 years since the union of the seven emirates and the birth of the United Arab Emirates. The future museum features a futuristic utopia set 49 years from now, in which technology and people live in peace and where humans have harnessed artificial intelligence (AI) and robots to address global warming, find new sources of renewable energy, and revive extinct species and ecosystems. Nature is therapeutic.

Travel to and from the moon

It is the closest you’ll ever come to experiencing time travel and carrying out your wildest dreams of an Interstellar-style mission ( until one of the futuristic tech companies exhibiting inside the museum invents the time machine, of course). Five distinct immersive experiences, or chapters, make up the future museum.

Jumping on a rocket and shooting into space are described in Chapter 1 before arriving at the OSS Hope, a space station 600 kilometers above the planet. There, you can choose to attach yourself to important missions of your choice, including the Mars Pioneer Mission or the SOL Project, a global initiative that seeks to use photovoltaic cells to gather moonlight as a sustainable energy source for the globe. Ever wondered what it would be like to wear a spacesuit or how astronauts dine in orbit? This encounter will answer all of those pressing issues and more.

Help nature by becoming a bioscientist

Who needs paperbacks when the Future Museum contains genetic information on more than 4,500 species?

The virtual DNA library known as the Vault of Life is a treasure trove of thousands of species models suspended inside glass cases and resembles a sci-fi lab straight out of Rick and Morty. Want to pretend to be a crazed (but brilliant) scientist? You can combine a variety of DNA sequences and more than 2000 genetic codes in the mixed-reality recreation of the Amazon jungle to get a taste of what it might be like to bring extinct species back to life and protect endangered ones.

This museum considers mental health to be a source of future riches

Sure, the future museum is a champion of technology and its marvels, but it also recognizes that people are the ultimate capital and that mental health, not expensive spa treatments, is the key to well-being in the future.

Thus, Al Waha (Arabic meaning Oasis), promotes the need for digital detoxes in healthy brains. You’ll enter screen-free interactive booths that let you interact with the environment the way we were designed to: through your senses. You’ll feel vibrations that balance electromagnetic fields and the body’s natural rhythms, learn about the therapeutic benefits of movement, meditation, water, and more.

Special area for kids

The Future Heroes exhibit at the museum offers proof that children are the future. The future playground adapts the cooperative element of multiplayer computer games to a real-world setting while removing the button mashing and staring at displays.

Children are required to accept missions and complete tasks to earn incentives (badges they may keep at home) by resolving issues through face-to-face interaction, teamwork, and original thought. It educates them that a bright future is a common objective. The future museum guide will be in charge of them the entire time.

Silver penguins soaring and floating jellyfish

That’s not their actual name, but you get the idea. Aerobes are the proper term for these flying robots, and they greet you as soon as you step inside the Museum of the Future’s bright atrium. It appears that in 2071, seeing robots in the shape of animals will be more prevalent than observing birds.

Unusual shapes and loaded with symbolism

Guys, we just kept coming back to how amazing the architecture is here. I apologize again. To describe something as amazing as the future museum, words like “oval” and “doughnut-shaped” are too banal. Torus is the term you’re looking for; thank you.

The circular shape of the torus symbolizes the human eye, which sees both the present and the future, and the green mound represents Emirati history and how it lays the groundwork for the future. These symbolic meanings help to explain why they choose this ring-shaped geometry. The space in the middle alludes to the unknowable future possibilities. Visit the official website for more details.

Wrapping up

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