10 Best Dubai Miracle Garden

May 18, 2022

Dubai Miracle Garden

These are some of the most famous photos of Dubai Miracle Garden. The details will make it a must-see spot on your travel itinerary. For a fun-filled experience, check out this list of garden locations.

  1. A Life-size Floral of “Emirates Airbus A380”

The plane was made from sustainable harvested flowers that were grown at Dubai Miracle Garden nurseries for more than four months. It looks amazing with the help of Viola, Marigold, Geranium and Snapdragon. This marvel took 180 days and 200 workers to construct.

  1. The Amazing “Burj Khalifa”.

This beautiful floral Burj Khalifa version was constructed in 2014. This tower has seen a few minor but significant modifications. The tower’s base is entirely made of Marigold and Petunia.

  1. The Garden’s beauty is enhanced by the “Umbrella Roof”

This umbrella roof in Miracle Garden Dubai makes a visual treat. This umbrella passage offers shade for visitors on hot sunny days. This umbrella passage was first introduced in the garden on February 14, 2013.

  1. “Heart-shaped Arch Passage” adorned with flowers

Dubai Miracle Garden’s most prominent structure, the arch passage with a heart-shaped design is the first thing visitors see. As you pass through them, you can feel the fragrance of the thousands of flowers. It also makes the perfect backdrop for romantic Valentine’s Day photographs.

  1. Floral decorated “Floral Houses and Bungalows”

The Dubai Miracle Garden is home to colorful bungalows, houses and other structures that enhance the overall atmosphere. These structures, made of millions of flowers and spread throughout the garden, are made of many different types of flowers. They give the garden an air of fairytale land. Each bungalow and house in the garden is different.

  1. The Garden’s “Floral Train”

This floral train, which carries millions of flowers in its bogies, is a great addition to Dubai Miracle Garden. The train’s engine and bogies make it appear real.

  1. A giant “Floral Peacock”

The floral peacock is filled with many flowers. It looks almost like a 3-D painting. The peacock is a symbol for royalty and pride.

  1. Dubai Miracle Garden’s “Flower Lady”

Dubai Miracle Garden’s most famous structure is the flower lady. Two flower ladies can be found in the garden. One has a hat, the other does not. These lovely ladies are decorated with thousands of flowers.

  1. The “Half Buried Cars”

Visitors are always amazed by the half-buried cars. The cars are in a straight line so visitors can view them from every angle. Half-buried cars appear to be taking a dip in the earth because they are inclined at 80 degrees. This is an excellent example of how scrap material can be used in a creative way.

  1. The Dubai Miracle Garden: A Long Shot

This is an aerial view showing the garden’s 780,000 square feet.

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