15 Best Places to Visit in Dubai 2022

March 04, 2022

Visit Dubai in 2022

If you enjoy luxuriating in the luxurious and comfortable ocean then you must go to Dubai. The city has a thriving nightlife, extravagant shopping and mouth-watering cuisine. It also lets your hair down and enjoy your time at extravagant properties or villas. As you explore this world of wealthy and wealthy people , the more you are drawn to the beauty and luxury.

Let’s explore some of the most popular 20 places to go to while in Dubai The following are the top 20 places to visit in Dubai:

1. The Dubai Mall

This is among the most popular malls for shopping worldwide that draw many tourists throughout the year. The amazing infrastructure, the extravagant goods beautiful design, stunning look and numerous things to do inside the mall are sure to keep you busy for hours and offer you an unforgettable shopping experience in Dubai.

There are numerous gaming zones, movie screens, fine cafes, restaurants plus over 14000 parking spots at this fantastic mall.

2. Burj Khalifa

The amazing Burj Khalifa tower with 828m of height includes a variety of restaurants, apartments and a massive swimming pool. The stunning interiors and impressive architecture will leave you wondering about this amazing structure of the world. It is awe-inspiring see a fountain that has 6,600 lights and animated scenes created by water. The most spectacular views of the city is accessible from the top of the 124 floor of the building.

3. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

The aquarium is on the third floor of the famed Dubai Mall. It has greater than 33,000 creatures that include penguins, sea horses jellyfish and sand tiger sharks and many more marine creatures. King Croc is thought as the biggest reptile on earth.

You’ll be thrilled to take the Glass-bottom Road Ride. It is possible to enjoy this Discovery Channel Week Exhibition or enter Zooworld’s virtual reality, and have a fun time in the zoo with your favorite animals.

4. Burj Al Arab

If you’ve always wanted of receiving luxury and treatment like the royals , and enjoy, then Burj Al Arab will be the ideal spot to go as this luxurious 7-star hotel will allow you to enjoy the lifestyle of the royalty by providing you with everything you’ve thought of.

Private butlers, a private beach, 9 top-quality restaurants, a kids’ club, a spa exclusive and a host of other amenities at this luxurious hotel will transform your time in Dubai into a complete bliss.

5. Jumeirah Beach

It is situated on the shores from located on the coast of Persian Gulf this white sand beach is among the most frequented spots in Dubai. Numerous luxurious hotels are situated close to the beach. You can also enjoy some tranquil moments just walking along the beach.

Jumeirah Beach Residence or JBR is a residential neighborhood that boasts more than 40 towers. The beach, which is white, is a favorite for picnics, craft shops and child parks. There’s also a large complex known as The Beach which holds many restaurants and entertainment.

6. Ferrari World

If you’re looking to add some excitement to your trip to Dubai and you want to experience some excitement, then visit the world-famous amusement park, which is located at YAS Island. The theme park offers many attractions and rides that are sure to provide fun and entertainment for anyone at any age.

G-Force Roller coasters, Go-Cart race show that are inspired by Ferrari advanced simulators, 4-D-fantasy journeys, remote control boat race as well as Ferrari rides are just some of the attractions you can experience in the Ferrari themed park.

7. Dubai Ice Rink

If you’re looking for an area to enjoy unlimited time with your family, you must definitely stop by the Dubai Ice Rink located at the Dubai Mall. You can hire a skating coach and take pleasure in skating.

Equipment is available to assist youngsters take care for their equilibrium. Young children and mothers may choose to attend special sessions. T-shirts, hockey sticks and other skate-related items are available at the shop for skates at the Rink.

8. Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is one of the two mosques in Dubai that can be visited by non-Muslims. Because of its impressive design, it is a must-see Mosque is a fav for those who love photography. If you’re looking to learn more about Muslim tradition and culture, you should go to this Mosque.

9. Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a beautiful garden that is brimming with beautiful natural flowers. The garden is home to flowers of your favorite Disney characters such as Goofy, Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and many more.

The most extensive Butterfly Garden “Dubai Butterfly Garden” is among the major attractions in Dubai. The garden also features an fragrant garden. It also houses the Airbus A380 flower structure which is listed as the world’s largest flower structure according to the Guinness world record.

10. Sheikh Saeed Al

The historic building was the home of Saeed Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, who resided in the house from 1912 until 1958. The building is now a well-known museum that showcases the traditional architecture of the old days and offers visitors an idea of the time of the previous ruler of Dubai.

Many old stamps, coins and maps, as well as pictures of the old Dubai and the family of the ruler are available here.

11. Deira Souks

The souks, also known as Arabian markets are extremely popular within Dubai which draws numerous tourists who want to purchase clothing, spices or gold in this luxurious region.

The major draw is, naturally, the gold-selling stores as there are over 300 stores you can swoop in and buy genuine gold at a price that is astonish price. If you’re good in bargaining, then you will take advantage of the top Souks of Deira.

12. Dubai Dolphinarium

If you’re in Dubai with children, then Dubai Dolphinarium will be the best place to visit while you are there. The charming bottlenose dolphins and the captivating seals will keep your children entertained throughout the day. There are plenty of occasions, events, as well as shows that you can enjoy.

Kids will be thrilled to swim with dolphins that are beautiful and observe them dancing to the beat of music. It is possible to even witness amazing actions performed by different birds.

13. The Palm Islands

Palm Islands comprises three artificial islands Deira Island, Palm Jumeirah along with Palm Jebel Ali. The construction of the other two islands are in limbo. Palm Jumeirah is the most famous island that houses many of the world’s most famous resorts, including Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Atlantis The Palm, etc.

There are a variety of things to do at Palm Jumeirah. Sailing on a yacht or skydiving, kayaking and speed boating are sure to provide you with an immediate adrenaline rush.

14. Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park is one of the most sought-after places for children. The younger kids can play in a kids’ zone known as Juha’s Lagoon with water slides and water guns, the thrills for older kids is available with the 32-meter Jumeirah Squeah slide ride, which is a combination of bowls and tornados Tantrum Alley and Burj Surj, Wipeout and Riptide as well as a myriad of other exciting rides.

It is possible to find a variety of rides that are suitable for people who are handicapped, pregnant or suffer with heart diseases.

15. Al Bastakia

It is the Al Bastakia neighborhood, also known as the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, is home to the rich history that is the legacy of Old Dubai. Prince Charles visited the city many years ago and recommended the preservation of this stunning neighborhood. This is why the area is able to maintain its historic structures.

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