Tour of Qasar al Watan and the Loure Museum

October 04, 2022

Tour of Qasar al Watan and the Loure Museum

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, is a conservative cosmopolitan metropolis. Despite its conservative and conventional way of life, Abu Dhabi offers luxurious and distinguished experiences. The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, is a conservative cosmopolitan metropolis. Despite its conservative and conventional way of life, Abu Dhabi offers luxurious and distinguished experiences.

If you want to discover the history, gifts, and destiny of the United Arab Emirates, take a tour to Abu Dhabi. Our bespoke day ride gives you a clean and exciting day ride which covers the most famous tourist sights within the metropolis.

Abu Dhabi welcomes you with its biggest home-made carpet in Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the most widely spread museum in the Arab World, ‘The Louvre Museum’, the New and Incredible Qasar Al Watan Palace and the cultural and historical past of the Arabian tradition.

The story of the capital metropolis can not be told in a single day, but we’ve crafted this full-day metropolis excursion of Abu Dhabi for those who’ve constrained time and desire to peer and revel in the excellent of Abu Dhabi sightseeing.

Qasar al-Watan’s Presidential Residence

The Qasr Al Watan is an operating presidential palace in Abu Dhabi and an imposing cultural landmark that invites the arena to find out about the wealthy legacy of information and lifestyle that has formed the UAE’s adventure. Boosting the cultural know-how of the state and emphasising its awesome history, it is more than just a conventional palace. Qasr Al Watan is an exquisitely crafted tribute to Arabian history and artistry, with its structure and layout echoing the significance and characteristics of the dazzling reveals and iconic rooms housed within its halls.

The Palace in Abu Dhabi has one of the most dazzling and unmissable sights within the city; the family-pleasing Palace In Motion event. Be astounded with the aid of the impressive light and sound display that celebrates the UAE’s adventure in 3 breathtaking acts that spread in front of the primary palace each half-hour after sundown, with the very last access taken half-hour before showtime. Timings are difficult to change.

Aside from this extraordinary show, the palace places a robust emphasis on gaining knowledge and information sharing. Here, visitors can count on to study the formation of the UAE, in addition to the country’s governing traditions and values, with this precise palace highlighting Arab contributions to diverse fields of information and giving visitors admission to halls normally reserved for authentic summits.

Qasar al-Watan, the liberator, and the House of Knowledge

The palace homes the Qasr Al Watan Library and House of Knowledge, in which record and subculture buffs, in addition to scholars, can discover a huge series of books, manuscripts, and different sources approximately the UAE and study the nation’s innovative journey.

The subsequent stop may be Qasar Al Watan, the presidential palace of Abu Dhabi. The new cultural landmark in Abu Dhabi helps you find out the legacy of information and traditions that fashioned the adventure of the kingdom. The traffic may have the threat of studying the formation of Emirates, the machine of governance in this country. Qasar Al Watan wasn’t always a conventional palace, but a tribute to the Arabian background and artistry. The palace of the kingdom was built over a period of seven years from 2010 to 2017. Qasar al Watan may be a memorable experience, and you may stroll away with a sense of having travelled to one of the most expensive homes ever seen.

Abu Dhabi’s Louver Museum

After the Heritage Village visit, you’ll proceed to one of the nice points of interest in Abu Dhabi, The Art and Civilization Museum, “Louvre Abu Dhabi”. The museum is the most well-known museum in the Middle East, interpreting the spirit of cultural openness. Located within the Saadiyat district of Abu Dhabi, the museum was designed by the Pritzker-prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel. The museum encompasses 9,2 hundred sq. m of galleries, which incorporates the everlasting gallery and a temporary gallery that showcases the gathering from many outstanding French museums, together with the Musee du Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, and Centre Pompidou.

Museum photography

The pix on show in the Museum Galleries show the delivery of photography, how the popularity of pix changed, the broadening of horizons, and distinct representations that illustrated the advent of modernity. What’s even more exciting is that our photographic series comes from distinct continents and typologies, displaying distinct representations of people, cultures, architecture, towns, and landscapes all over the world.

Decorated albarello with a coat of arms

This vase, made to contain prescription drugs or perfumes, belongs to a collection of Syrian-Egyptian ceramics of the Mamluk period. The blue and white decor that may be visible in this vase is a function of the creative having an impact on the Chinese Yuan dynasty (1279–1368) ceramics, imported in mass from the end of the 14th century in Egypt.

Captain Dune’s Service

Dubai, as one of the most enthralling cities in the world, has a lot to offer in an afternoon at some point during your journey. The best way to discover and appreciate this speedily developing town is with a tour guide. For this, Captain Dunes is at your service!

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