9 of the Best Indoor Summer Activities in the UAE

March 11, 2022

Indoor Summer Activities in UAE

In the desert country that is the United Arab Emirates, the temperatures in summer can be difficult if you’re new to the hot temperatures. But, this shouldn’t deter travelers from Visiting the UAE since there are many things to do even inside.

Visitors to Mana generally stay in Dubai while visiting the UAE and might take an excursion for a day or two to close Abu Dhabi. We have included a list of the best indoor activities that are available in Dubai in addition to Abu Dhabi!

1. The Green Planet

Even though you’re inside isn’t a guarantee that you’re not experiencing the beauty of nature! It is situated in City Walk, The Green Planet is a stunning indoor rainforest described as an architectural and engineering marvel.

More than 3,000 species of plants and animals and a variety of animals, you can enjoy the amazing natural beauty right within the heart of the desert city. It is divided into four different levels, visitors can discover about the diverse species of flora and fauna that thrive within this bio-dome.

2. Hub Zero

The other is located on The City Walk, Hub Zero is home to many immersive and interactive virtual reality worlds that provide an exciting experience unlike other. No matter if you’re an avid gamer or are new to VR The Hub Zero should not be overlooked.

From the Resident Evil interactive dark ride to taking on your adversaries in the VR shooter game or embarking on an 3D experience, and so on The excitement is endless in this tech-filled indoor play area.

3. Ski Dubai

If the scorching summer heat is really taking its toll on you Do you believe that we told you you could have an amazing winter amid the heat of summer? It’s ski Dubai the largest indoor Snow Park, located within Dubai’s Mall of Emirates!

Enjoy a wintery day in the desert by engaging in activities such as tobogganing, bobsledding, and many more. The penguins will even be performing a show that’s just too adorable to believe. There’s no need to worry about packing your bags or getting dressed up since your ticket comes with all winter attire and you’ll receive the socks and gloves!

4. Reel Cinemas

Although going to the movies may seem routine or dull while on vacation, it’s an entirely different adventure at Reel Cinemas located in Dubai Mall! Opt on their ScreenX theater for a film adventure that will practically turn around.

First in the UAE ScreenX is a first in the UAE. ScreenX is an 270-degree screen that is housed in a 170-seater theater. Offering a truly immersive experience of films that are specially designed to be viewed on the screen It’s definitely unlike your usual day in the cinema. To get the most enjoyment choose seating in the rear!

5. No Way Out Escape Room

For the detectives who love adventure that are around take a moment to get your brain going at The No Way Out Escape Room at the HDS Business Center. If you want to go a step further, choose to go for the horror or thriller-themed rooms such as The Ring and Maniac – Imagine of a haunted house that meets an escape room!

If you’re not a big fan of the horror themed rooms there are also mysteries and adventure rooms such as Da Vinci and School of Magic.

6. Mattel Play Town

Discover a world of magic that children will be captivated by as they explore and play in the enchanting worlds designed by Mattel! Have a great day of family entertainment with your family at Mattel Play! Your kids will dress in a construction costume and begin their lesson in teamwork and creative thinking by playing with the famous Bob The Builder.

Also, there’s the Mattel famous the Mattel star – Barney The much-loved Dinosaur! We believe that the parents will be as enthusiastic as the kids during the live show, taking part in the dancing, singing, and even music. In addition, there are lots of Mattel characters in each of the themed zones such as Angelina Ballerina, Thomas & Friends and many other.

7. IMG Worlds of Adventure

When it concerns Dubai indoor attractions, IMG Worlds of Adventure is the best! With more than 1.5 million square feet and featuring four themed zones, it’s the biggest outdoor theme park that exists. The four distinct ‘Epic Zones’ feature themes from Marvel, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard and The Lost Valley.

Take a ride from the many themed zones, prepare yourself for a few jump scares in the park’s famed haunted hotel, or dine in themed restaurants to take some time out. With plenty to do in the time of your visit, you can bypass the lines with an IMG Worlds of Adventure Express Pass.

8. Tee & Putt Mini Golf

If you’re looking test your miniature-golf abilities to the challenge, you’re in the right spot at Tee and Putt Mini Golf located in WAFI Mall! It has a miniature golf course that is dark and lit by lighting from neon, it’s an exciting alternative to the usual course you’re accustomed to.

The 18 glow-in-the dark holes are unique and mini golfers from all ages and abilities will surely enjoy it while learning to play. Be ready to hit your perfect hole!

9. Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

Welcome to the lively and action-packed universes of Warner Bros in this indoor theme park located in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi! In this realm of adventure and action, you’ll encounter the worlds of animation you’re familiar with such as Tom & Jerry, the Flintstones, Looney Tunes, and many more!

Enjoy the various themed zones like Warner Bros. Plaza, Gotham City, Metropoli, Dynamite Gulch and many other. When you purchase the all-day admission Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi ticket from Klook and you’ll receive a free meal voucher! It is possible to access the attraction from Dubai without hassle by taking an easy shuttle service from Klook.

Summer Activities in Dubai from Captain Dunes

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