New Year 2022

Dubai New Year Celebrations
December 25, 2021

Dubai New Year 2023: A Guide For The Celebration

Fireworks While we wait for the year to end and the new one to begin, many events take place around...

New Year Celebrations at Burj Khalifa
December 20, 2021

Dubai On New Year’s Eve – Best Places To Watch The Fireworks This Year

Dowtown Dubai And Burj Khalifa New Year’s Eve fireworks displays have become a global phenomenon, with many cities vying to...

New Year Celebrations In UAE
December 18, 2021

How To Plan Your New Year Celebration In Dubai?

The Firework In Dubai Fireworks in Dubai have become an essential part of the city's New Year's celebrations. They're a...

Best Places In UAE for New Year Celebrations
December 15, 2021

New Year’s Eve in Dubai – 9 Best Places to Celebrate

Burj Khalifa Considered one of the greatest architectural feats of all time and featuring new technologies every year, Burj Khalifa...

Best Places in Dubai for New Year Evening Celebrations
December 14, 2021

Things to do in New Year’s Evening 2022

Fireworks Fun New Year is a fun holiday for everyone, whether it be a night out with friends or an...