Experience the Thrill of Atlantis Aqua Venture Water Park – The Ultimate Water Adventure Destination

March 09, 2023

Atlantis Aqua Venture is the ultimate water park experience located within Hotel Resort Atlantis the Palm. Boasting 79 thrilling slides, a river ride, tidal waves and pools, rapids, and white-water chargers – Atlantis Aqua Venture is undoubtedly the world’s leading water park!

Theme Park

Aquaventure is the world’s largest water park and a must-see for visitors to Paradise Island. Spread across 141 acres, this captivating waterscape features towering Atlantean-themed structures, thrilling high-speed slides, an exciting mile-long river ride complete with rapids and wave surges, 20 swimming areas, an exciting kids’ water play fort and 11 unique refreshing pools. Atlantis Aqua Venture is the perfect way to spend a day with the whole family enjoying the waterpark and aquarium. There are plenty of attractions that will keep everyone occupied, plus special experiences that allow you to interact with amazing marine animals!

Aqua Venture Water Park

Must See Attraction

At the center of Ziggurat Park lies ‘Ziggurat’, a massive Mayan temple featuring several cutting-edge water slides. One particularly thrilling ride, The Leap of Faith, will send you down an almost vertical drop that you won’t soon forget. One attraction not to miss is the ‘Tower of Neptune’, a nine-story tall slide that will take you through an aquarium filled with sharks and manta rays. You’ll feel like a kid again while being terrified at the same time; but trust us: this experience will remain in your memories forever!

For those who would rather keep things more relaxed, there are plenty of other activities at the park such as water sports, games, teen dance clubs and more. Plus you can go to the casino or sample various restaurants and bars! At the ‘Lost Chambers’ aquarium, visitors will feel as if they have entered an underwater realm. This is truly stunning to experience and you can even arrange to take part in aqua-trekking and snorkelling adventures within some of its exhibits.

At Aquaventure, the main draw is its water park which makes it a great option for families with young children. There are plenty of activities for younger visitors to enjoy, like the Sea Squirt program where they can get up close and personal with stingrays and dolphins. At Aquaventure, you can finish off with a drink or meal in one of the restaurants before returning to the hotel for some rest and relaxation. All this is made possible through an easy return wristband system; plus you can make use of the beach front area to sit back and soak up some sun!

Water Park

Atlantis Aqua Venture Water Park is the largest water park in the Middle East and perfect for those who love a day of family fun. It boasts stunning Atlantean-themed towers, thrilling high-speed waterslides and an exciting mile-long river ride with rolling rapids and wave surges that’s ideal for kids. At its most recent expansion, ProSlide added 28 additional slides and attractions to bring its total to 105. These rides include the world’s tallest double-TornadoWave water slide as well as some of the longest family rafting water coasters in their kind.

Aqua Venture Water Park

There’s also a slide that rises nine stories high and zip line which is the longest in Dubai and the Middle East – both are thrill-seeker’s paradise! Enjoy breathtaking views of The Palm while zipping from side to side on this thrilling zip line! Aquaventure boasts over 100 themed slides, waterfalls, wave pools and a private beach of white sand. To top it off you can combine your ticket with a visit to Lost Chambers Aquarium with over 65,000 marine creatures!

Activities At Water Park

In addition to rides and slides, there is also a splash area for children which makes the park ideal for younger visitors. Furthermore, there is an expansive dolphin lagoon where visitors can get up close and personal with resident dolphins. Reef Shark Adventures is sure to capture your attention, offering an exclusive opportunity to come face-to-nose with a real live reef shark! This thrilling experience won’t be replicated anywhere else.

You can also take the Shark Attack, a ride through transparent tubes filled with marine predators. It’s an excellent opportunity to see these animals up close and it’s safe for everyone. Aquaventure is a popular attraction for visitors to Dubai, so it’s best to book tickets in advance. Tickets can be bought either online or at the park; alternatively, you may purchase a Super Pass that grants access to both the theme park and other nearby attractions at a discounted rate.

Restaurants At Aqua Venture Water Park

At the resort, there are plenty of restaurants for everyone in your family to choose from. Some offer classic fare like burgers and pizza, while others provide more exciting cuisine. Nobu, a beloved Japanese restaurant, offers an extensive menu that will surely please everyone in the family. Although a bit pricey, Nobu provides excellent value for money. Choose from Yakimono, Kushiyaki or Tobanyaki and experience a meal that will surely leave you wanting more!

Aqua Venture Water Park

Crusoe’s Restaurant provides a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner menu with an extensive selection of dishes to choose from. Bring the whole family here for a memorable dining experience near the water park. Families will love Wavehouse, which boasts a bowling alley, Wave Rider and kid’s play area. Plus it has its own bar and restaurant – perfect for families to dine together while having an enjoyable time together.

Atlantis Aqua Venture Water Park offers many wonderful restaurants, such as Shark & Turtle, California Seafood House and CALI-POKE.  One of the most thrilling slides is Leap of Faith – a 60-foot long drop that feels twice as high when you ride it! A real thrill!

Atlantis Aqua Venture offers plenty of activities for families to enjoy besides slides. There are pools, beaches, a casino and more – perfect for an unforgettable family vacation! Atlantis Aqua Venture is a vast resort that provides plenty of attractions and activities for all ages. However, they could do better by adding more character into its design and feel. If they can do that, then it would make for an incredible vacation destination for families of all ages.


Atlantis Aqua Venture Water Park is situated on the Palm Jumeirah as part of a luxury resort that offers luxurious rooms and other amenities. It’s perfect for families and groups looking to unwind by the beach or have some fun in the water. The hotel is also home to the stunning Lost Chambers Aquarium, a must-visit for anyone visiting Dubai. Here, you can explore 21 captivating marine exhibits and admire more than 65,000 unique species of animals.

Aqua Venture Water Park Hotel

Staying at the Atlantis resort gives you unlimited access to Aquaventure Waterpark and Lost Chambers Aquarium as a guest.

Here you can float down its gentle waters on inner tubes while taking advantage of its private beach area for some quiet relaxation in the sun while taking in all that Aquaventure has to offer! Atlantis Resort guests receive free admission to the park daily from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, and it is recommended that you book your tickets in advance to beat long lines at the ticket counter.

Before entering the water park, make sure you’re comfortable in your swimsuit and wearing sunscreen. This is especially crucial since the park gets extremely hot during summer days, especially during midday. Bring some snacks with you for energy throughout the day. Additionally, it would be wise to bring money for shopping at Atlantis Aqua Venture Water Park since there are plenty of souvenir shops.

Atlantis Aqua Venture Water Park is easily reached via car or taxi, though renting a vehicle may be more convenient. A taxi driver should be able to transport you there within minutes – though be aware of the hefty cost!

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