Dubai’s Top 8 Most Amazing Adventures

December 05, 2022

These adrenaline-pumping adventure activities in Dubai will get your heart pumping, including skydiving and dune driving in desert.

Skydive with the best

Sky Diving

Skydive Dubai is a favorite adventure in Dubai. It’s loved by both residents and tourists alike. You will experience exhilaration and fearlessness as you glide through the air, taking in the breathtaking views of the Palm Jumeirah below. Parachuting tandem is a first-time experience. A professional will accompany you at all times to ensure safe thrills. You can enjoy the breathtaking view, smile and hold tight to your camera.

Waterpark fun: Slip and slide

Dubai Half Day Sightseeing Tour
Experienced Tour Guide

Dubai Half Day Sightseeing Tour


For a little adventure, families with children can visit Atlantis, The Palm’s Aquaventure Waterpark. You will find many attractions that are perfect for thrill-seekers. Poseidon’s Revenge will allow you to face your fears. Once the trapdoor is opened, you’ll be able to slide down a transparent tube and plunge in a huge splash. You can also take the Leap of Faith, which is a nearly vertical drop that only the most courageous riders would dare attempt. The new Trident Tower attraction also features the Odyssey of Terror water slide. If you need to slow your heartbeat down, don’t worry. There’s also a lazy river nearby.

Take on the desert dunes with style

Desert Dunes sand boarding

Dubai’s desert terrain offers many thrills on terra firma. You can ride on the dunes in high-powered 4WD cars or try quad biking and sandboarding. You can expect to be on the edge of your seat with the cars sliding down the dunes sideways. One of the best tour operators in the city, Arabian Adventures or Platinum Heritage, can arrange a desert safari. You can combine your drive with an evening at a Bedouin camp with traditional entertainment and live musical music.

Hot air balloons allow you to soar high

Hot air balloons

Hot air ballooning is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that many people enjoy in Dubai. Balloon Adventures offers serene views over the desert sands far from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. Enjoy a flight of 4,000 feet above the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, and witness a breathtaking falconry show. Then you will land on the desert safari and take control of the dunes.

Flyboarding is a great way to get out of your comfort zone


Flyboarding is the newest watersport. It involves balance, bravery, and a board. Flyboarding is accomplished by attaching your flyboard to a jetski. The engine will propel water through the tube into the flyboard and then you’ll be in the air. You can enjoy the Burj Al Arab view from 10m up. The hand controls allow you to go higher. SeaRide or Nemo Watersports offer the best in safety gear and guidance.

Rock climbing allows you to reach new heights

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a great activity for adrenaline rushes. Dubai Investment Park has many facilities, including Mountain Extreme Al Quoz with its indoor climbing walls. Rock Republic is the Middle East’s largest bouldering centre. This is a form of climbing that does not require ropes or harnesses. Hatta Wadi Hub offers outdoor climbing at a 10m high wall.

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