A complete guide to Dreamland Aqua Park

October 04, 2022

A complete guide to Dreamland Aqua Park

Dreamland Aqua Park is one of the oldest and biggest water parks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is a super vacation spot for its own circle of relatives’ fun. It was constructed and inaugurated on June 12th, 1997. This park has nearly 30 exciting rides and sights for human beings of all age groups. You may even discover diverse eating places and meal shops and a small zoo appeal for children within the Dreamland aqua park. Not the best restaurants, but you can also get in a single day tenting facilities, tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts, among other things.

Sitting on Umm Al Quwain’s scenic coastline, Dreamland Aqua Park is one of the oldest waterparks in the UAE. Spread over a space of 250,000 rectangular metres, the water park was turned into a mount in 1997. Since then, it has remained one of the most famous activities in Umm Al Quwain.

The less-regarded emirate might not have many attractions. But for those of you who want to get away from city life every now and then, Dreamland UAQ is where the fun begins.Offering more than 30 interesting slides, rides, and attractions, this waterpark has the whole lot you’d need in a low-cost summertime season amusing destination.

The Most Interesting Places At Dreamland Aqua Park

Dreamland Aqua Park UAQ, certainly considered one of the most important water parks within the UAE, has rides, slides, and points of interest for human beings of all ages. With over 30 fantastic sports to try in the aqua park, it can be difficult to fit everything in within the time constraints.Whenever you threaten upon travelling to this amusing place, ensure you don’t depart without attempting the subsequent points of interest:

 Twister At Dreamland Aqua Park

This 40-metre lengthy tunnel slide ends in an open bowl that spins you round earlier than losing you in the water. While the tunnel slide is like every other slide you’ll find at a water park, it’s the “twister” component that brings out the fun. It will twist you and spin you, harnessing the rate you’ve already received from the slide, after which it will allow you to nostril dive into the water pool from 2 metres above the ground.


Dreamland Aqua Park is a couple of water slides that permits you to enjoy the fun of high-velocity gliding down the steep slides that stop withinside the water pool. They won’t be the best waterslides you’ve tried, however they’re exact sufficient to present you a much-wished adrenaline rush.

 Twisting Dragons

The Twisting Dragons will permit you to revel in all that. This thrilling and twisting maze of tunnel slides at Dreamland Aqua Park has interconnected slides that ship you out from a different ‘dragon’s mouth’ — even while you start from the identical spot each time.

 Black Hole

With the Black Hole, it’s the anticipation of the plunge that keeps your thrill tiers piqued at all times. Once you slip into Dreamland UAQ’s Black Hole, you’re engulfed in darkness that travels with you until the very end. This slide, powered by gravitational pull, will have you constantly calculating the time before you fall into the water.

 Swimming Pools

Even the children could have a ball at Dreamland Aqua Park in Umm Al Quwain. The facility has swimming pools and play areas devoted exclusively to children aged three and above. Obviously, the more youthful ones will want grownup supervision. However, the amusement is by no means compromised.

Aqua Play is an interactive pool that accommodates 19 special sports alternatives for kids. While the infants can stand below the rotating large water bucket to get soaked to their bones, the marginally older ones can strive for their success on the inflated impediment in the pool.

 Hippo’s Island

If your youngsters need to barely get up the journey level, take them to Hippo’s Island. Designed with life-length stone hippos and a dragon dotting the region, this pool location with its caves, slides, and different points of interest is a whole dose of amusement for the youngsters.

A Family Raft Ride

This is a tube-like journey that may simply accommodate as many as five heads at one pass. Be extraordinarily careful, as the family raft journey is surely going to power your adrenaline pump quicker than ever.

Rafting River

Rafting river is nestled between two massive slides, leaving you spellbound as you raft down its stream.There’s a tremendous splash at the end of this journey. So be careful! Besides this, Dreamland Aqua Park has different rides, including Kamikaze, Strong Pass Round, Lake-o-waves, Slide Five, Dream Stream, Aqua Play, Lifeless Sea, Slam Dunk, and Pool Game.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Dreamland Aqua Park?

The winter season gives great weather to roam around in the UAE. Thus, visit Dreamland Aqua Park between November and March, when temperatures range from 18 to 27 degrees.

Roaming around Dreamland Aqua Park will undoubtedly leave you hungry after a few visits.But don’t worry, as there are numerous meal factors wherein you may collect and munch on your favourite delicacies. Let’s take a brief look at observing a number of them.

Best restaurant to eat at

Atlantis: This is an all-day indoor eating place placed inside Dreamland Aqua Park which serves a number of incredibly delicious Continental and Mediterranean cuisines. In a move, this location can accommodate approximately 170 people.Do try their seafood alternatives as they’re the most famous specialties of this location.

Snacks Attack: Snacks Attack is a one-forestall fast-meals destination, in particular loved by small kids. Yummy pizzas, fried chicken, juicy burgers, crispy chips, and what now no longer serves It has a Slush Corner where you can grab your percentage of a frosty deal and calm down.

Saj Zaman & Shisha Majlis: After a protracted and tiring excursion of Dreamland Aqua Park, make your manner closer to Saj Zaman & Shisha Majlis for tasting a few Lebanese fashion pizzas. Shisha or Hubbly-bubbly is what they’re recognized for.For individuals who no longer desire to waste their time on heavy meals, Golden Kiosks give a few mouth-watering, brief bites to hold on and munch. You can both go for a ready-made bloodless sandwich or a few clean fruit cuts or relax yourself with a few fresh ice-cream flavors.

Pool Bar: Pool Bar is the critical attention of Dreamland Aqua Park’s meal points of interest from wherein you may have brief and smooth admission to all essential rides. No matter what the atmosphere is, Pool Bar will constantly serve you a few chilling alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Finally, it is available in your occasion meals segment, wherein you may host your upcoming celebrations. They take pride in providing exceptional catering services for all of your indoor celebrations, such as wedding receptions, product launches, and personal circle of relatives day outings.

Mall of Quwain: The Mall of Quwain is an entire shopping line with a complete line of purchasing centres and amenities. This mall houses many food courts, dine-in outlets, espresso shops, five screen-multiplexes, and so on. The splendour of this mall is that it’s designed with maintaining all of today’s retail ideas in mind. The Mall of Quwain is surely a paradise for consumers to reside for hours.

 Final note

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