5 Reasons you should visit Dubai’s Water Parks in Summer

July 20, 2021

Dubai’s Water Parks in Summer

The summer heat in Dubai is unrelenting. As the temperature climbs up to 47°C (117°F), most people are looking for a refuge from the sun and heat. Luckily, there’s a ton of water around the city, and plenty of reasons to take advantage of it! Here are seven reasons you should visit Dubai’s water parks this summer.

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is an aquarium situated inside the Dubai Mall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was opened on November 8, 2007, and is the world’s largest aquarium. The aquarium is home to over 100,000 marine animals, representing over 500 species. The museum houses more than 120,000 artefacts and artifacts from across the globe. It includes an interactive kids’ play area, four water parks that each hold 30,000 gallons (100,000 liters) of water, a habitat for parrots and great blue herons, and theater, movie nights, and live pirouettes. Visitors to the museum can also dive 50m under the waters of the Red Sea for four minutes. Visitors can also rent the aquarium’s replica of an alien spacecraft, built with more than 36,000 LEGO pieces. Despite the enormous size of the aquarium, the water is clean and designated for swimming. Water sports, such as jet skiing and water skiing, are also open at the aquarium. On Fridays, the aquarium hosts a dinner on the indoor pool deck for 2,500 dirhams (about $45 USD). There are impressive views of the Red Sea, the Marina, and Dubai Marina City. And because it’s the weekend, you’re guaranteed access to the aquarium’s water park. Water sports fans will get to experience something new on Fridays. Dubai is famous for its fast-paced, everyday life — and its skyscrapers are no exception. In fact, the tallest building in the world is 101 storeys tall. Dubai Tower is also one the tallest free-standing buildings in the world (currently at 101.2 storeys — Dubai Tower will be taller). It’s actually made of approximately 36,000 individual high-rise units which seamlessly fit together. Designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, the building has a central observation deck at the top for traffic and skyline views. Up to 50,000 people are accommodated in the towers housing “The Gullivers Restaurant, Vertical Group Office Area, Store Sky Apartments, and Marina South.” Don’t miss these unique high-rises living up to their name.

Atlantis, The Palm

The Atlantis is a 5-star resort with over 20 restaurants and bars, a casino, a water park, a spa, a marine habitat, 900 meters of private beach, and an aquarium. The resort is also home to the world’s first undersea restaurant, Jules’ Undersea Lodge. The queue for the restaurant is always long, but if you dare, you get in and wait your turn at the bar to enjoy cocktails, food, and live music as you watch the world beneath the waves go by. The 10-story Water Park Dubai is full of attractions: Amusement rides, a large indoor track and slide, a thrill water park, and other water-based attractions. With over 5 million tourists visiting Dubai in 2020, it was critical to secure an Undersea World Park that would showcase the underwater life of our planet. Jules’ Undersea Lodge is an undersea themed Hotel that is open to the public. The resort, which is located on the Resorts World’s marine park, comes with a list of on-site perks like private cabanas and beach access. On a well-padded walkway, guests can swim with dolphins, see the remarkable manta rays that patrol the underwater gardens, admire diver fish and stingrays above the oceanic gardens, and take photographs in the Coral Reef Aquarium. Another reason why visitors flock to the water park is its enormous selection of water sports, from surfing, to SUP, to water skiing. Children from around four to sixteen years old can enjoy the water park at their own pace between the rides and shows. Children under the age of four usually ride on their own for safety reasons, while older children can ride water machines, such as jet skis, in their own raft or boat. Each year, around 6,000 tourists travel from around the world to Dubai for the annual New Year’s festivities, known as the High Holidays. They visit luxury hotels to stay at high-end resorts along with shopping districts like Dubai Mall, Downtown, and South Africa’s historic Port Rashid.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Wild Wadi is a 50-acre water and adventure park located on the Jumeirah Beach road in Dubai. Wild Wadi is the world’s tallest and largest water park and the largest water park in the Middle East. Wild Wadi is the first waterpark to feature a wave pool, and the first to have a full-scale water ride. The water park is famous for its wave pools which reach depths of 52 metres (170 ft). “It was the first water park in the world to have a wave pool bigger than 42 metres”. The wave pool reaches heights of 50 metres; because of its size, animals, like dolphins, also frolic in the pool. People can also rent paddle boats and canoes for a safe but fun water experience. The park charges 290 dirhams ($38) for adults, and 110 dirhams ($18) for children under 16. A five-day pass costs 650 dirhams, or $130. A family pass can be purchased for a monthly fee, which includes an all-day pass to the park, a children’s playground, and unlimited rides. A five-night stay at Wild Wadi costs from 2,600 dirhams ($98) per person to 4,900 dirhams ($138) per person. In addition to the regular park admission, a one-night VIP park pass is available for 450 dirhams ($30). When you visit Dubai, the first thing you should do is visit the Dubai Mall, located in Downtown Dubai. The Dubai Mall is at the heart of the city, and the second largest mall in the world after the New York City Centre in the United States. Dubai Mall caters to the masses by selling everything from food and beverages, to clothing and jewelry. It is also home to a number of stores that sell essential items like water, medications, and beauty products. Bringing in more shoppers and customers, the Dubai Mall reopened for retail sales in 2020. With a massive indoor/outdoor food court and several entertainment venues, Dubai Mall is the ideal place to celebrate #BuyDubai2021.

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo is a petting zoo located in Battersea Park, London, England. The zoo is home to a variety of farm animals and birds. It is managed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and receives no government funding, relying solely on entrance fees, donations and sponsorship to cover its running costs. In the past, Ken Schramm, the zoo’s caretaker, would see huge queues of families with nervous little kids waiting for their turn at the animals. After all, this place is geared towards a family audience. Despite the tourists and children, a majority of the animals are from captive breeding facilities. This means that some of these animals are wild-caught and didn’t grow up in the wild. Despite being in a zoo, they do go through training and conditioning where they’re isolated from their peers. Using this method, the animals are attached to an electroshock collar, which makes them stay quiet and docile. They then have to climb a steep wooden flight of stairs, which can get quite lengthy. To the onlooker, this might seem ridiculous, but to those who live in exotic animal parks, it’s just another day in the life of a captive animal.

Al Ain Oasis Village & Heritage Centre

Al Ain oasis is a large oasis area located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is located near the border with Oman, and is one of several major oases along a corridor from the Gulf of Oman to the Persian Gulf coast. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi. In addition to being the largest oasis on the eastern (red) side of the Gulf of Oman, Al Ain’s water features include murals depicting local life and nature, aircraft hangars, hotels, and beach resorts. When Andrew Hamilton worked as a geologist on the Oman-UAE border, he used to consider Al Ain his summer home. In 2019, Dubai welcomed 17.4 million visitors, as many as an entire year’s vacation at Sykes-Picot National Park in Canada. While we’re not within the sights and sounds of the city itself, waterfalls, relaxing lagoons, and water-themed attractions all offer a boat ride away from the constant human hustle.

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