Riding in the Dubai Desert

October 04, 2022

Riding in the Dubai Desert

Horse riding is one of the UAE’s most well-known sports activities, and the variety of world-elegance racing centres and clubs in the U.S. is testimony to that.

It’s something that appeals to everyone, from toddlers whose parents enrol them in a riding school to familiarise them with the animals, to older children who join the neighbourhood pony club to learn how to travel, and adults who are either novices or have had some riding instruction and want to improve their skills.

Why is horse-driving so popular inside the UAE?

Tina Al Qubaisi, the founder and manager of the Dhabian Equestrian Club in Abu Dhabi, says the usage of it’s far more difficult, but now it’s not too expensive. “I should say that likely 70-50% of my [500 or so] full-time university college students have long gone from being well-known beginners to prepared riders or are well on their way to being prepared.”

Al Qubaisi, 48, has had a passion for horses her entire life, and thinking about moving to the capital two decades ago, has made it her undertaking to pursue that passion.

I started out almost 10 years within the beyond with the rescuing of horses in my garden, and then I built Dhabian seven years within the beyond. “I’ve discovered plenty over the years-I’ve discovered that horses assist construct a person; they assist to increase your person and empathy, among different things,” Al Qubaisi says, including that the most popular rides that Dhabian gives adults are the barren region and beach rides, whilst the “Filliez and Coltz” familiarisation programme is for kids aged three to six.

“The kids come as regularly as once per week for one hour, and they do 20 minutes inside the classroom, then 20 minutes inside the stable, and the final 20 minutes is spent the usage of,” she says.

For Taher Afridi, signing up his daughter, Alana, with their neighborhood’s use of faculty in Abu Dhabi has been one of the notable picks he and his partner have made.

“I decided for her to be doing something outside, in addition to something that would teach her to recognise and be kind to animals,” he says, adding that “horse use does all of that, as well as improves her posture and promotes a healthy and energetic lifestyle.”

According to Afridi, Alana, while a bit tentative at first, is now beginning to develop an affinity with the horses and says she “loves the ponies.”

“She rides at the Royal Stables numerous times per week, and the complete enjoyment lasts approximately a half-hour, which seems to be best for her age.”

On weekends, she joins me.”

East, a teacher who has lived in the UAE for three years, believes that every child should learn something.”Your kids will in no way be identical again,” she says. “Working with horses teaches kids to be patient, selfless, and dedicated.”

The Arabian horse is tailored to the barren region’s weather and has become a prized possession of the Bedouins. Today, it’s one of the most acknowledged and sought-after breeds in the world.

While many people pick to tour as an interest and do it for their own enjoyment, there are various competitive options for the most enthusiastic riders who have mastered their method and want to venture further.

“There are a few equestrian sports activities which range from flat racing, show jumping, dressage and staying electricity racing ,” says Al Qubaisi. “Out of those, the most well-known are flat racing, staying electricity racing, and showjumping. That’s becoming very well-known too.”

 Where to experience a horse in the UAE’s desert

Al Ali Stables, Dubai

This is an opportunity to sincerely get away from it all and head out into the dunes on horseback. There are barren region rides for all abilities, and riders are broken up into agencies, so whether or not you’re up for a slight walk in the sand or cantering over the dunes, you’ll be well catered for. seasoned rider? The stables, moreover, offer non-public professional boarding power training.

Al Jiyad Stables, Dubai

This desert spot has more than a hundred and twenty Arabian and part-bred Arab horses in case you need to enjoy them. If you’re searching for a desert horse experience in Dubai, this will be for you—in particular with the lovely setting. Set out in the Al Marmoum conservation location, you’ll get to see the UAE’s cute desert herbal world up close and enjoy the views of the rolling dunes, all from the consolation of your trusty mount. The hourly desert hacks are suitable for all levels of riders.

Baniyas Equestrian Center, Abu Dhabi

This is an exquisite location to clearly get back to nature while on horseback. There are several awesome kinds of barren locations to enjoy on provide – so whatever degree of rider you are, you’ll find something to suit your skills. Beginners can start off with a 30-to 45-minute dune ride, enjoying the use of over-sand dunes with a professional group of instructors. Meanwhile, if you’re extra confident in the saddle, intermediate riders can go on a one-hour or 90-minute bush ride or beach ride. Experienced riders can cross on a plant and fauna cross-country course to enjoy the spherical Sir Bani Yas plant and fauna park, in which you’ll see the complete lot, from gazelles to giraffes.

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