Uncover the Hidden Gem: Musandam Dibba’s Spectacular Beauty

May 19, 2023

Located in the Persian Gulf, Musandam Dibba is a prized possession of the Sultanate of Oman. There will be sport fishing, snorkelling, banana boat excursions, and dolphin watching on this incredible vacation. Oman Dibba is a popular site for travellers visiting Dubai. However, seeing and returning there requires special permission. We’ll help you with every step of the touring process and do all we can to make this a vacation you’ll never forget.

Musandam Dibba; The Norway of Arabia

Musandam Dibba is often called the “Norway of Arabia” due to the stunning nature of its mountains and the roads that virtually hug its flanks. Relaxing ocean views, mountain 4WD drives, boat trips, picturesque limestone coast, and much more await you over a few days in Musandam.Musandam Dibba Tour

Tours of this place usually start in the morning from your place. All trusted tour providers, including Captain Dunes, provide luxury pick-and-drop services. The exact times are discussed with the tourists so everyone can be ready. The first attraction to see while you are aboard is Ras Al Khaimah.

You will notice that soon after we begin our Musandam tour, there will be a tiny road with forests on both sides, replacing the 6-lane motorway. It’s nice to go away from the city and spend some time in a more tranquil setting, and the change of scenery helps facilitate this. However, motorists must exercise caution because wild animals occasionally enter traffic. The shifting scenery would draw your attention to the Hajr mountains.

The Friday Market and Hajr Mountains

The Friday market is where we need to go next. The fresh fruits and veggies, handmade pottery, and gorgeous Friday market rugs make it so popular. This is the place to go if you want a taste of the local flavour and a chance to pick up some genuine mementoes. The market is alive with people and energy, which enhances the experience. We’ll pause there so you may stretch your legs, have a coffee, and maybe pick up a souvenir.Hatta Mountain

Hajr Mountain in Musandam Dibba is a ridge of calcified rocks home to several caverns with exciting formations. People have made their homes in these caverns for thousands of years, making them significant archaeological finds. This mountain range follows the road closely, and the numerous hairpin turns will make you hold on tight. Hikers and rock climbers flock to the Hajr mountain range for its demanding terrain and stunning scenery.

Many species of plants and animals have made their home in the mountain’s caves, making the area a mecca for eco-tourists. The Persian Gulf may be seen on the opposite side in short order. On one side, you can see the blue waters of the Gulf, and on the other, the impressive Hajr mountain range.Musandam Dibba

As a primary shipping channel linking the Middle East to the rest of the world, the Persian Gulf is crucial to global commerce. Hikers and adventurers frequent the Hajr Mountains, Musandam Dibba tour, for various reasons. Our tour guide/bus driver will make photo stops at scenic overlooks so you can get the perfect shot.

The Famous Dhow Trip at Musandam Dibba

Once you reach the Dibba coast, your journey will end, and you will board a gorgeous Dhow. A trip in a traditional Dhow will allow you to take in the beautiful scenery of the surrounding mountains and water. Don’t leave home without your camera to record these priceless moments! The Dhow is massive and has two levels. You may relax with a good beverage on the many cushions and carpets.

While unwinding on the Dhow, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking ocean panorama. It’s a beautiful activity for a relaxing day with loved ones. Your moods are lifted by the complimentary drink, and you can’t wait to try out all the island has to offer, from banana boat rides to snorkelling to handline fishing.

Plenty to Enjoy

You need not worry; all the necessary equipment and guides are included in your ticket price. Relax on the deck with a lovely lunch the staff has prepared after a day of exciting activities. The trip’s highlights will be the spectacular vistas of the crystal-clear ocean and stunning islets. On board, you may enjoy a buffet lunch with dishes from Arabic, European, and Asian cuisines. Locally produced fruits will represent many of the buffet’s offerings.

While cruising the coast, guests may sip on various delicious drinks and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. The meal will undoubtedly be a delightful adventure in food. All of the drinks will be accessible for the duration of the journey. The boat will make a special stop at a beach to receive some much-needed vitamin D.

The highlight of the Musandam Dibba Trip

The dolphin safari is the highlight of the Musandam tour. The intelligence of dolphins is second only to that of humans among animals. The dolphin safari provides visitors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see these fascinating animals in their native environment. The joy of the trip is amplified by the opportunity to ask qualified guides questions about the animals’ behaviour and intellect.

Musandam Dibba Tour
Experienced Tour Guide

Musandam Dibba


These dolphins enjoy a good show as they swim by the Dhow. Dolphins are seldom seen thus close to humans in the Gulf. Many visitors travel to Dibba, Oman, for one reason: to swim with dolphins. Due to its position on the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Musandam Dibba, Oman, is a renowned spot for dolphin viewing.

Many different kinds of dolphins call the warm waters of the Gulf of Oman home, so it’s a great place to see them in their natural environment. After a wonderful evening spent with the beach, dolphins, and beautiful fish, you will be let off at the waiting bus. You’ll get back to where you started, but not before the journey of a lifetime!


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