Umsiyat 2022: Jazz Night

Jazz Night New Jazz in Egypt

Umsiyat 2022: Jazz Night

  • 15 Dec
  • Cultural Foundation

Jazz Night: New Jazz in Egypt

Trio Abozekrys, part of Umsiyat concert Series, will perform in Abu Dhabi. This trio is the first musical encounter between two brothers. Their music tells the story of traveling back and forth between Egypt, France and Egypt.

The Abozekry brothers had never worked together in their earlier careers. Each of them was following their own artistic paths. They came together in musical dialogue a few years back, and they created a visionary, explosive project that shows how fascinating contemporary instrumental music from the Middle East can be.

There are no pyramids, camels or pharaohs. Trio Abozekrys offers a unique experience with a new generation of energetic and eccentric musicians. The Abozekry brothers, Mohamed on oud, and Abdallah, on saz, are accompanied by Nicolas The on drums. They bring a new flavor to Middle Eastern sounds and change expectations about jazz.

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