Al Qattara Murals


Al Qattara Murals

  • 31 Jan - 06 Jan
  • Al Qattara Arts Centre

Al Qattara Arts Center invites to visit and admire the work of talented artists.

Participating artists include:

Fahad Al Jaber

Fahad Al Jaber, an Emirati artist is a graphic designer. He was a former member of the UAE Fine Arts Association. He worked as a print designer, online publisher at Cultural Foundation (1986-192000) and as the Art Director of Al Ittihad newspaper 2000-2011.

Khulood Al Jabri

Khulood al Jabri, an Emirati artist, holds a BA degree in Media from the Faculty of Arts of the UAE University. From 1986 to 2006 she worked as a Fine Arts teacher at Al Marsam Al Hor as well as as an Exhibitions Designer and Publications Designer at Abu Dhabi’s Cultural Foundation. From 2012 to present, she has been employed at the Ministry of Culture and Youth.

Abdulrahim Salem

Abdulrahim Salim received his BA in Sculpture at the College of Fine Arts in Cairo in 1981. After his return to Dubai, Abdulrahim Salim turned his attention to painting. His sculptures are displayed alongside his abstract and figurative paintings. Salim was an active member of the Emirates Fine Arts Society, Sharjah. He exhibited regularly between 1981 and 2001. His work has been included in solo and international biennials. Highlights include the 56th Venice Biennial.

Mona Al Khaja

Mona Al Khaja, an Emirati artist, received her BA degree from the College of Fine Arts of the University of Helwan in Cairo (Cairo 1981). After her return to UAE, she was involved in art education and eventually became the person responsible for developing the art curriculum at government schools. She is a member of the Emirates Fine Arts Society and was awarded the Al Owais Award for 2004. She also participated in many international and local exhibitions including Tahiya wa Mahaba and the Cultural and Scientific Association (Dubai), 2016.

Ibrahim Al Awadhi

Ibrahim Al Awadhi, an Emirati artist, has been involved in UAE artistic circles for 28 years and is one of the founders the Emirates Fine Arts Society. Over the years, he has been involved in numerous international and local fine art exhibitions in various countries, including Oman, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kuwait, Kuwait, and Lebanon. Al Awadhi was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation at 1999 Sharjah Biennale. He has also served as an adjudicator in numerous art competitions and panels throughout the UAE.

Mohamed Al Astad

Mohamed Al Astad, an adviser and expert on the UAE Ministry of Education’s art curriculum, is a member of the Ministry of Education. He graduated from American University in Washington D.C. (1998) with a degree in art and design. Since 1987, when he had his first exhibition, he has been a member the Emirates Fine Arts Society. Apart from his teaching art at The Cultural Foundation, he also founded the Mohammed Al Astad Centre For Artistic Creativity from which many UAE artists have emerged.

Jalal Luqman

Jalal Luqman studied International Marketing at the University of Texas in the United States. He also pursued Graphic Design as a second major. He is a graduate of the Centre of Excellence for Applied Research and Training. Luqman began his career as a freelance designer for the Cultural Foundation in 1995. He was eventually included in one their major exhibitions. His first exhibition, which took place at Cultural Foundation in 1996, is considered the Gulf’s first exhibition of digital art.

Khalil Abdulwahid

Khalil Abdulwahid, Director of Fine Arts Department at Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, is also a member of Advisory Board of Department of Visual Communication at American University of Dubai. He received his degree from Pennsylvania State University in 2001. He also has an Associate Degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design from Pennsylvania College of Technology (2000).

Najat Makki

Najat Makki received her BA and MFA degrees in relief sculpture and metal from the College of Fine Arts, Cairo. She also earned her PhD in Philosophy of Art at the College of Fine Arts, Cairo in 2001. In 1977, she was the first Emirati woman awarded a scholarship by the government to study abroad in art. Her work has been extensively displayed internationally. Highlights include Beijing International Biennial (China 2016); ADMAF’s Portrait of a Nation Abu Dhabi 2016; Berlin 2017, 2017); National Pavilion UAE, Venice Biennial 2015 (Italy).

Ali Hammad

Ali Hammad was born 1985 in Quetta in Pakistan. Ali Hammad was raised in a happy home with an in-depth knowledge of literature and art. Hammad was a passionate artist since childhood. His passion for drawing and painting grew over time and he was awarded a scholarship to Lahore’s National College of Arts. Hammad discovered a passion for Old Masters and studied different subjects at college, including sculpture, drawing, art history, and design.

Kais Al Sha’er

Artist Kais al Sha’er was born on September 2, 1981 in Suwayda, Syria. He is currently an interior architect and lives in the UAE. Al Sha’er studied art in Syria and created his work while living in the UAE. Al Sha’er uses mixed media and tools a lot, and he focuses on blending his art with the surrounding elements.

Malak Al Ajou

Malak Al Ajou was born in Jordan in 1992 and presently resides in Al Ain in the UAE. She is an architect for the Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi. Her main focus is Heritage Documentation. Art is for her an outlet of expression. It comes from the environment and personal experiences she has, which revolve around being an Arab woman. Her artworks communicate emotions rather than subject matter.

Al Ajou participated in the “Imagu Mundi” exhibition in Italy and created a mural for the Qattara Art and Crafts Festival, which celebrated UAE heritage. Al Ajou’s preferred materials are traditional pencils and paints. This is representative of her femininity. She wants her artworks to be able to express herself in a variety of ways, so she sticks to a limited range of media.

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