Enjoy the Finest Chef’s Tasting Menus From Dubai

November 29, 2022


Get a truly Dubai luxury food experience with the legendary the Michelin-starred Ossiano in the Atlantis, The Palm. It is a must-visit for foodies and Chef Gregoire Berger helms a kitchen serving an enthralling multi-course meal in a lavish blue and gold-hued space with breathtaking views of the water from floor-to-ceiling. With a focus on seafood, the dishes are as stunning as the surrounding.



Chocolatier and pastry chef Carmen Rueda Hernandez has worked in kitchens that are innovative and experimental and brings her experience to Brix the only restaurant that is fine dining within the area. Supported by the team of 3 Fils the intimate bar is located inside Jumeirah Fishing Village serves an extensive tasting menu that puts the focus on sweets including non-alcoholic drink pairings.


Orfali Bros Bistro

There’s a reason Orfali Bros Bistro has landed on lists like MENA’s Top 50 Best. It’s because this family-owned, passion project, run by head chef Mohammad and his chefs, brothers Wassim and Omar is able to tick all the requirements for excellent food. Middle Eastern influences permeate the internationally-inspired dishes, with cleverly configured small plates like the Corn Bomb leading up to spectacular not-to-be-missed desserts.

Tresind Studio

Chef Himanshu’s Tresind Studio is regarded as one of the top restaurants, not only in Dubai but around the globe which has been confirmed with it’s Michelin star. His curated tasting menus, featuring carefully-choreographed dishes and molecular gastronomy, take diners on a modern Indian-accented culinary journey that can’t be forgotten. Saini’s personal stories are frequently interspersed into the narrative that accompanies each dish using fine techniques.

tresind STUDIO

Pai Thai

The magic begins from the moment you enter an Abra located at Jumeirah Al Qasr hotel to arrive at the enthralling Asian restaurant Pai Thai. Enjoy your way through the Five Tastes of Thailand at this luxurious restaurant which honors the rich heritage of the country. Its menu features sweet, salty, bitter sweet, sour and sweet flavors. This sharing-style tasting menu accessible throughout the week, is easily adaptable to vegans as well.

pai Thai


Chef Schilo Van Coevorden’s Omakase dinner menu, which is served with a stunning view of the kitchen from the grill station that showcases his unique take on Asian recipes. From corn and snow crab cappuccino, to lobster toast and Black Curry, diners will enjoy an array of sensory delights. The menu is constantly referencing the city of Amsterdam and this Dubai City of Gold caviar pani puri bite, a decadent feature.


Il Ristorante Niko Romito

It’s been awarded two Michelin stars, so you can be sure that you’ll get the best in terms of food, service and ambience within This Bvlgari Resort flagship restaurant. This is a place that you must be able to trust the staff – let them showcase the very best dishes the kitchen has to provide. This guest Italian degustation menu includes six courses featuring everything from home-cooked mussel pasta to tenderloin of veal served with milk sauce, and an indulgence of gold chocolate in the final course.

Niko Romito


The restaurant is located at the top of the luxurious apartments Eden House The Moonrise is a dining experience that seats eight. Moonrise will appeal to those who are content to sit at the counter and interact with the staff as they perform the final plating. Offering a fixed multi-course menu for degustation, without changes or deviations from the service order Chef Soleman from France Soleman oversees an energetic, young team of chefs whose enthusiasm is evident in the food.

Reif Japanese Kushiyaki

This family-owned restaurant located in Jumeirah’s Dar Wasl Mall has won numerous prizes for the chef Reif Othman’s unique take on Asian street food. However, those who love it must reserve the chef’s table, also known by the name of The Experience. You can sit at the ring in the kitchen while being served a carefully curated eight-course Omakase “chef’s selection” tasting menu. It’s only available at 7pm or 9pm dining time from Wednesday through Saturday.

Reif Japanies


Seafood is a highlight at Beatrice Segoni’s charming Pierchic restaurant, which is a place that both people who live there and tourists visit for special occasions. Walk along the wooden path which leads to the the sea, and you’ll be sitting in a gorgeously designed restaurant, which is set in an Arabian Sea. Trust Segoni’s hand as her well-curated menu is offered every night at night, as well as on Friday and Saturday during lunch.



Beautiful perspectives of Dubai Fountains offer a backdrop worthy of the food at Armani/Ristorante, a Michelin-starred restaurant within the famous Burj Khalifa. Take your time while enjoying the tasting menu of six courses, which is served between 6:30 and 11:00 pm. The menu is based on the season. For instance, the autumn season is the celebration of fungi including trumpets, porcini morels, and many more being at the forefront. This is a sign of the creative food at this contemporary Italian legendary restaurant?


Tan Cha

Reserve Table 8 – this is the private chef’s table and be free to fall into the culinary sway of modern Chinese expert chef David Pang. See him conjure up 18 of his most famous dishes in 11 courses. Seasonal ingredients such as Japanese A5 wagyu Hokkaido seafood, scallops and lobster, as well as French foie gras can elevate the experience. It showcases the various Chinese provinces, as well as their various culinary skills.

French Riviera

Experience a culinary experience at Jumeirah’s stunning French Riviera, with oceanfront views that evoke those of Cote d’Azur. You’ll be served seven course menus prepared by Chef Kim Joinie Maurin. He’ll delight guests with an amuse-bouche truffle pizza, before impressing you with dishes such as the blue crab trilogy and signature caramelised onion served with Parmesan Ice cream and his unique take on the traditional Bouillabaisse.

French Riviera

Soul Street

Chef’s menus are often associated with fine dining However, chef Orlando offers familiar classics in his informal, street-food-focused restaurant. The menu includes seven delicious sharing plates featuring fusion dishes of the Levant, Far East, Mexico, India and Europe to entice your taste buds for dinner and lunch. From tandoori-inspired empanadas to Caribbean crisp tacos, the Instagram-friendly restaurant will offer an interesting backdrop to the food.

Soul Street

FIVE Jumeirah Village, Lazuward South West, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

There are plenty of fine dining lovers to enjoy, foodie trips to take on, and limited-time adventures to cross off the bucket list of culinary experiences.

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