Sharjah - The City of Art

Welcome to Sharjah, the third largest and most populated emirate of UAE! CAPTAIN DUNES invites you to Sharjah with personalized Sharjah tours so you can familiarize yourself with key locations and make most out of your trip to Sharjah. We take you to the perfect holiday places in Sharjah for making your relaxing period memorable with this wonderful city.

We, first, want you to explore the Muslim history with a detailed tour to the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization. Here, you can discover the undiscovered and essential tales of UAE’s creation. Plus, you can get to know the country more thoroughly by studying its culture that has been preserved in the museum. Then, we take you to visit Al Noor Island (in close proximity of Al Noor Mosque) that is a signature of Sharjah’s true beauty. Here, you can amuse yourself with the fascinating city view and create memories with your family.

Next, in our Sharjah tours, awaits the beautiful Al Majaz Waterfront, Al Montazah Parks, and Al Mazmar Beach Park. There, you can revive the adventurist side and praise the nature’s beauty that’s preserved by new architectural methods. Then, we take you to the Al Mamzar Beach spread across miles and offers a very soulful feeling during the evening. Our Sharjah tour also includes National Park that’s built on modern architectural principals and includes every facility that you’d expect from a picnic spot. From there, you can visit the Sharjah Art Foundation that is home to millions of masterpieces contributed from artists across the globe. Pick a tour and explore Sharjah with CAPTAIN DUNES.

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