Musandam (OMAN) Tour

Musandam (OMAN) Tour

Bukka, khasab from Musandam exclave, and Dhibba Al-Bayaand all these lay strategically close to “Strait of Hormuz.” It’s a world’s famous destination known for paragliding and parasliding. While at the top, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of beaches, valleys, mountains, bays, and more.

If you’re entering Musandam from the United Emirates, an entry visa is a requirement, and this is free for ten days if you’re already in UAE on a tourist Visa.

A full day dhow cruise in Musandam allows you to enjoy snorkeling, swimming, watch dolphins and have a view of the Musandam Fjords.

With a good guide, you will be able to visit the historical telegraph and Seebi islands best for snorkeling in Musandam Fjords. While here, you’ve a rare opportunity of testing the mouth-watering Omani lunch with all sorts of refreshments.

During the full-day Musandam cruise, you’ll be served will any soft drinks you wish; the Omani tea, coffee, fresh fruits, a sumptuous lunch with fresh salad.

You’re also provided with snorkeling and swimming costumes, a shower facility, and life jackets.

The full-day Musandam dhow cruise includes;

The activities involved in the Musandam Oman tour include;

Spending a full day in Musandam waters allows you to enjoy the Oman dhows, decorated traditionally. Here, you can lounge on soft cushions and carpets. There are serene sceneries that you behold as you cruise along Musandam waters. What an experience to spend your full day in an exciting place like Musandam! You’ve an opportunity to explore all that nature has to offer with an opportunity to swim and go snorkeling.

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