Desert Safari

Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai is a 6-hour tour through the desert of Dubai full of thrill and excitement. Here, you enjoy Belly dancing, Dune bashing, sandboarding, and camel riding, among others. After rigorous day activities, you have a mouth-watering BBQ dinner waiting served with veg and non-veg dishes. You have an opportunity to enjoy the Dubai desert safari host of activities and take snaps of the fascinating sunset. There’s a matchless selection of Desert safaris and adventure tours in Dubai, and the place is exceptionally attractive for those who visit Dubai. CAPTAIN DUNES presents a range of affordable packages to ensure that you have a great time at this destination.

The perfect sunrise, the eloquent sunset, and the twinkling stars that embellish the sky at night are an ideal experience to behold. And the good thing about visiting this place is that you don’t have to spend a fortune cherishing all this fun. You have a variety of packages that you can choose from. The Arabian Desert has a beauty that will not skip the eye of any admirer. It’s astounding, and alluring excellence attracts so many visitors, and those who’ve been here will tell you how addictive the visit can be. There’s also a shrouded fortune of the desert that catches the eyes of the tourists and adventurers.

Think of a place where the sun rises, and as it glows to give warmth to the shadows in a few hours, it sets back. The shines and pretty movement is transferred to the moon and the beautifully glowing stars. At that time, the desert is on its tips beauty peak and so attractive to the eye. If you love adventurous life where you explore and experiment with new stuff, Dubai is famous. CAPTAIN DUNES presents the best experience where you explore this remarkable destination at reasonable fees.

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