Creek Dhow Cruise

Are you looking for a destination that will let loose the child in you as you gift yourself a surreal experience? Then a Creek-dhow-cruise will serve you perfectly with a walk down the history lane. The old sand brown skyscrapers of Dubai, the glitter of gold from the Gold Souk, the smells, sights, and sounds all will throw you back to the charm of old Dubai. Fishing communities initially build fishing dhows. Planks of wood were stitched together with coconut and palm leaves. The modern-day dhow cruises have become a favorite for the tourists visiting Dubai. The experience is such an exciting one with traditional practices perfectly blended with modern luxury that this land of superlatives is known for.

The Dubai creek is so central to the region’s development, for it was, at one point, the principal source of livelihood. When cruising at Dubai Creek, you get a rare experience of the panoramic view of the many iconic sites like the heritage village, Sheikh Saeed’s house, the old boat fort, among other spectacular sights. Cruising through the creek, you may meet some locals who dive into the water looking for pearls. Creek-dhow-cruise is a must-do activity when you visit Dubai. Over the years, Dubai has grown to one of the world’s best cities, rich in history and modern development. A dhow-cruise will give you the best views of these.  Again, you have some unique cruise experiences as you cruise through Deira and Bur.

As you cruise through the creek, you have the privilege of enjoying some of the famous dinner delicacies offered in this incredible place. You can book your favorite multi-course meal and enjoy Dubai’s night sky fulfilling sail. A dhow dinner cruise by CAPTAIN DUNES allows you to witness the passing scenery at the comfort of your table. Hours of dhow-cruise are full of excitement and entertaining experience. You get to enjoy the magic shows, Tanoura dances, among other mind-boggling performances.

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