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Luxury Tours in Dubai

Have you been to destinations where everyone seems to understand the power of luxury? Then CAPTAIN DUNES have all it takes to give you this experience as you enjoy life in the land of superlatives. A drive through Dubai marina will provide you with a lifetime experience. One of the world’s longest and 14 lanes, Sheikh Zayed Road, will leave you perplexed about how creative human beings can be. The road’s in itself a tourist spot, and alongside are astonishing and architecturally marvelous buildings. Located in Abu Dhabi is the world’s renowned mosque, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the largest in UAE, and a key place of worship.  In fact, during IDD, it’s visited by more than 40,000 people.  The mosque sits on a 30 Acre land, and that excludes the vehicle parking and exterior landscaping.  A spectacular thing about this mosque is that it has the world’s largest carpet measuring 5627m² at the main prayer hall.

The city’s capital is also the Capital Gate, commonly known as the leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi, towering some 160 meters high. It’s the tallest building and designed to incline some 18°in the west. Past the Royals residential area, you get a glimpse of what royalty entails. Do you want to enjoy a 360° view of the Abu Dhabi skyline?  Get the view from Etihad towers, the highest vantage point in the city. Here, you have views of the striking cityscape; the Arabian Gulf and the Corniche are sites to behold.

Enjoy favorite attractions, cultural exhibitions, and historical sites in Abu Dhabi. It’s a rewarding experience spending a couple of hours in the heritage village. Entering through the west gate gives you a life in the experience in the desert. CAPTAIN DUNES gives you the best experience, an opportunity to behold the best views. You have a great time in the markets, Port Zayed; you can have some cappuccino with cake at one of the best restaurants before you’re dropped back at your place.

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